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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
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Sen Warren is cut from the same cloth as Speaker Pelosi.

Whip smart, tough, able to take a blow, speaks truth to power.

I like Liz. I think her strengths and positives far outweigh any shortcomings.

The photo of our Speaker standing at the table, spine straight, answers and comments honorable,
has made an indelible impression that will live in history.

That photo conveys authority. The authority of a woman confidently conveying strength.

Elizabeth Warren and Walter Reuther.

My dad walked the streets in Detroit to help support the union movement.

For the first 10 years of my life, many times we went 3 to 4 months with no money because my dad was on strike. Our family sacrificed a lot for what turned out to be the greater good.

Many times he worried because he had no assurances that the movement would succeed, but he always said we have to try and make things in the workplace better for all workers. And the man who was my dad was as much a patriot as the man who took up the arms of war.

Walter Reuther was a Leader among others who had a vision and used the power of his ideas to start a movement that many thought impossible. It wasnít the Democrats or a
Republicans that gave us an 8 hr workday, it was the strikers of the union movement.

Many years later, my husband had a white collar position at Ford Motor Co in Dearborn Mi. The auto workers division went on strike for several weeks, with no pay, while my husband who was not in the union, continued to work and get paid. Ultimately, when the strike was settled, the white collar workers received some of the benefits of the new contract without having to break a sweat.

Fast forward to Memorial Day and the 4th of July. People line the parade routes waving the American Flag feeling patriotic. They stand when the American Flag passes as a sign of respect.
Is feeling patriotic the same thing as being patriotic?

Now we have Elizabeth Warren who is whip smart and sees the need for the greater good still exists. She says she has a plan, actually many of them. They are comprised of many intertwined parts and pieces. The plans require the support of patriots who do not have to take up arms to fight, or to go without a paycheck for months on end, but to re arrange their budgets, pay much less here and more there but at the end of the year, come out ahead.

To many this is frightening. They do not understand that the greater good requires trust, some sacrifice and Solidarity.

Elizabeth Warren may be the right person at the right time, or she may be too futuristic.

Only time and patriots will tell.

My take. The GOP is in deep owing to tRump. He did for them what they couldn't do for themselves.

He cheated, lied, and chopped Hillary off at the knees. He beat her, and in the process so disparaged her, so dragged her name in the mud making her the focus of his campaign rallies.

The GOP became drunk with happinesses. They themselves couldnít believe it! Oh the joy! We beat Hillary! Thank thank thank you Donald.

It is not complicated. Itís Occam's Razor. They whisper to each other in the halls of Congress that they owe Donald so very very much, they must stand by him. The hateful base demands it. The Hillary haters demand it.

And so, perhaps. Hillaryís loss will be Americaís gain as we watch shaking our heads as the entire GOP goes down in flames the longer they hang on...

Everything the GOP tried for years, failed. They lied and tried and could not find one scintilla of proof to take her down.

Now, DC is dirty with proof. So much proof that GOP spinning dervishes have become dizzy, confused yet silent still.

I feel better. Thank you for reading if you got this far.

Cause and affect....if Ukraine was invaded by

Russia....and US withholds defense funds from Ukraine ... is that a war crime?

I'm a wreck. Scared of being blindsided by tomorrow 's

events....Iíve been so sure in the past and ended up being so very shocked and wrong.
Mueller, Fitmiss and more...

So far, since Speaker Pelosi's official announcement, the team has hit the ground firing

long passes down field.

The Dems are playing big time offense catching the other side off guard.

This is critically critically important because the light the Democrats are shining has moved from being a flashlight to several spotlights moving across the dark skies of corruption.

If this light of disclosure continues at this pace, it will devastate any plans being hatched in the senate or anywhere else in the dank smelly holes of political corruption.

Light is cleansing. Light makes vampires wither. Light brings images into focus.

Joe Wilson, critic of the Iraqi war, husband of Valeri Plame, dead at 69


Poor Maguire..frantically searching for his ass...Schiff has it.

Surgical Schiff.

So who wrote widdle Numnuz statement? Any bets?

His rambling and lies are stunning.

Spectacular Adam Schiff. His statement will be enshrined in history.

Iím weeping.
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