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The Democratic party since FDR has been the part of the common man/woman

But that theme has receded since Reagan. It's still there, but in the background. The Republicans' focus on being the party of "freedom" has caused a lot of mischief. Americans need to know that the Democratic Party is with them in their daily struggles, that it has their backs first and foremost. While the GOP is focused on freedom abstractly, Democrats should be countering that we really are the party of freedom for ALL (why Democrats support civil rights for everyone so strongly) and are the real party of opportunity. More focus on how Democratic policies can help SMALL business and individuals succeed in America. That's why policies such as affordable health care and education are so important, as well as consumer protection and the small business administration (which should be expanded). More focus on Democrats being more truthful than Republicans-- How powerful billionaires and corporations are subverting America though unchecked misleading marketing and propaganda. We need to counteract the GOP theme that government is evil-- rather that the government is us working together to potentially achieve great things like curing diseases or reaching the moon.

While DUers know these things as second nature, I find that the message of the common man has faded when talking to those not intensely political. The current debates about socialism and moderation are distractions that further weaken the message.

A new motto for Democrats: "The party of opportunity that has your back."

Trying to come up an elevator pitch that actually summarizes the best of the Democratic Party.
The problem is that the Democratic Party has such a large tent that there are so many ideas that underlie the Party's positions, that it's difficult to construct effective summaries.

"The party of opportunity that has your back." or
"The party of opportunity and fairness that has your back."

And then expand on what is meant-- like in an elevator pitch:
1) High paying jobs through helping small business.
2) Better future for your children by making education affordable.
3) Making sure health care affordable for everyone, (government based so you can explore better job opportunities).
4) Fairness: Civil rights for everyone.
5) Fair and humane immigration policies.
6) Policies based on science and common sense not superstition.

Something about honesty too.

What are your ideas for a motto/slogan/elevator pitch?

#OMAGA Obama Made America Great Again

Use it on Twitter and Instagram. Make it go viral.
If Trump sees it he will not be pleased.
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