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andym's Journal
andym's Journal
December 16, 2020

Steve Schmidt criticizes the Hill for headline using "Democrat" Party instead of "Democratic" Party

The Hill used the headline:
"Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he's registering Democrat"

Steve objected:

"Democratic. It’s the Democratic Party. It’s the oldest in the world. This headline should read “registering Democratic”. It’s an important enough institution in this country that it is entitled to its’ proper name."

Welcome to the Democratic Party, Steve.

December 14, 2020

What to expect when Congress meets: their playbook is Tilden vs Hayes in 1876

Trump will order his "troops" (GOP senators and representatives into action). Why? He can't stand to lose, and he has the "what do you have to lose" mindset. This is why they are forming faux alternate slates of electors.

Their playbook is obsolete, not applicable to the current situation and will lose, but it's instructive to understand it:

The Election of 1876
Democrat Tilden, the NY governor, won a majority of the vote (50.9%) and seemed to win the electoral college until charges of fraudulent elections in 4 contested states. The GOP controlled the SC and Senate while the Democrats controlled the House-- just like today. There were two slates of electors from each of the contested states, each certified by different officials. An electoral commission eventually awarded all of the disputed states to Hayes making him the winner.

The difference is that there wasn't real fraud this time, so there is NO justification as well as the reforms from the Electoral Count Act in 1887. There are also no alternate slates of electors certified by any state officials. I'm pretty sure they will try to dispute this on January 6 to try to cheat their way in. They need their alternate slates of electors should the disputes ever get that far. But they won't, thanks to greater clarity in the law and the lack of any evidential fraud with more than 50 court cases to back up the conclusion of a clean election.

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