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Pelosi's strong meme "Trump's coronavirus missteps 'caused unnecessary death and economic disaster'


Just keep repeating:"Trump's coronavirus missteps 'caused unnecessary death and economic disaster'

Why? To help educate ignorant voters.
Latest Reuters/Ipsos poll:

Trump has recovered in the polls somewhat this week-- possibly because of the stock market recovery. Fortunately Joe Biden still leads him by 5%--45 to 40%. However, the most problematic part of the poll is that a majority feels that Trump is better for the economy than Biden by 53-47%.

"Fifty-two percent of Americans said they felt that Biden was better suited to deal with the coronavirus, while 48% said they thought Trump would be better. Fifty-seven percent also thought Biden would be a better steward of the country’s healthcare system, while 43% said Trump would be better.

Trump, however, had the edge when the public was asked who would be better for the U.S. economy (53% to 47%). "

It is very important to explain near and far that the economic problems we are now facing are directly related to Trump's inaction on the virus.

Promoting hydroxychloroquine is Trump's risk-free gambit to be a hero

At the moment, we do not know if it has clinical efficacy against Covid-19. But that doesn't matter to Trump, if it does work he is going to position himself as the hero of Covid-19, knowing more than the experts. You will hear about his leadership on this drug every day during the fall campaign. If it doesn't work it will never be mentioned again. So what is the risk for him? Nil. If a few people suffer from side effects it will be caveat emptor. The drugs safety profile is well understood, with its effects on cardiac arrhythmia probably being the most worrisome for older patients.

But could it work? Yes, that is still to be determined.

Dr. Fauci is right to call the evidence in its favor anecdotal at the moment. Perhaps the strongest evidence in its favor is that it blocks viral replication in cultured cells and the uncontrolled trials from France and China. The evidence was strong enough for Andrew Cuomo to independently of Trump procure enough doses for 4000 Covid-19 patients and make them available for the most serious cases last month. Also, NYU Medical school is conducting a trial with funding from the Gates Foundation to determine if it can be used prophylactically to prevent infections. It will take a few months at least for the latter trial to draw any valid conclusions.

He may even use any real study that shows any efficacy as an excuse to end the emergency declaration on April 30 or earlier.

Bottom line is that Trump risks nothing and has everything to gain with his promotion of hydroxychloroquine.
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