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Who knew? The right-wing is fighting people who "hate America": Nicki Haley

The conservative argument for power now and in the future is that they are the only true patriots who love America, while all others hate America. They use the culture wars to do this-- it's why they created a whole movement to fight "critical race theory" in order to portray those who point out the US's historical failings as hating America. To them any criticism of the past, such as criticizing slavery, is equal to hate.

Frankly, most self-identifying conservatives really do not care much about economics or anything else but the culture wars. The culture wars are and have been the focus of Fox News and Trump as well.

This tactic needs to be strongly fought against in the the sphere of public opinion.

Evidence? Well there's plenty. Here is the latest:
Nikki Haley outlines her vision of the Republican future (with or without Donald Trump)
"WASHINGTON Nikki Haley told fellow Republicans Tuesday they have an urgent mission to renew their conservative convictions, the latest in a series of high-profile speeches by potential GOP presidential candidates maneuvering in the shadow of Donald Trump.

"A large portion of our people are plagued by self-doubt or even by hatred of America. Its a pandemic much more damaging than any virus," Haley said in a heavily promoted speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute in Simi Valley, Calif.."

GOP games with the debt ceiling crisis are a perfect excuse to create new filibuster exceptions

like those that exist for reconciliation and judicial appointments, which can be used not only to raise the debt ceiling (a special exception), but also one for civil/constitutional rights (for voting rights). McConnell should be wary of the effect of his games. The emergency of a default should be enough to justify it even for moderates.

Update Senate Democrats and Joe Biden are now floating the idea at least for raising the debt limit.
See post:

Rockefellers have a message for Joe Manchin

Rockefellers have a message for Joe Manchin
Opinion by John D. Rockefeller V, Justin Rockefeller and Valerie Rockefeller
Editors Note: John D. Rockefeller V, Justin Rockefeller and Valerie Rockefeller are the adult children of former West Virginia Governor and Senator Jay Rockefeller. They are fifth generation members of the Rockefeller family. The views expressed in this commentary belong to the authors
Updated 9:21 PM ET, Thu September 30, 2021

"We were raised in coal country, about two hours south of Sen. Joe Manchin's hometown, with a commitment to public service. Like Sen. Manchin, our father, five-term Sen. Jay Rockefeller, served as secretary of state and governor before being elected to the US Senate. And like Sen. Manchin, our father, who is now retired, has deep respect for the state's legacy of hard work and grit.

Manchin has served our state well. He is a caring and determined leader who we've been honored to know as our father's colleague and friend. Unfortunately, when it comes to our state's future (whether it's the jobs West Virginians will hold or the energy they'll consume), Manchin is sticking with a problematic past by opposing the Senate's $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Only by supporting that bill can Manchin lead West Virginia boldly into the clean-energy future that will help the people he has been elected to serve.

Manchin could be the deciding vote on the reconciliation bill that would help fund infrastructure projects and a wide array of social programs. The senator expressed his concerns about the bill's price tag in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, yet failed to acknowledge that delaying the reconciliation bill and jeopardizing the infrastructure bill is a dangerous move that could end up costing the entire country, as well as the people of West Virginia.


Likewise, our family, known to many for its legacy of oil wealth, has acknowledged and acted upon the undeniable science that documents the destructive impact fossil fuels have on our climate. We consider it our moral imperative to divest from fossil fuels and invest sustainably. Many Rockefeller-affiliated nonprofits are also putting their endowments, which originated from oil wealth, towards clean and inclusive economic development. West Virginians should share in the prosperity and promise that the renewable energy boom will bring. The federal support the reconciliation and infrastructure bills offer will be critical to making it possible."
...more at the link above...
They then ask Joe Manchin to support the reconciliation bill for the good of WV and the USA.
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