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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 10,343

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Star Parker spoke some yrs ago at conservative Christian college social work class

It was during the 90s. She had been invited by the Young Republicans, and her presence was strongly supported by college admin.

The students and prof in the class had together formed a list of topics they wanted to ask her about. Her comments on poverty, etc contradicted what they had learned in their study.

Shortly before she came to address the class, the admin told the prof that no questions would be permitted. The prof then told the students.

Many in the class were very angry and disillusioned. I think some still believed the school welcomed free and open discussion.

Note: IIRC she was promoting a Far Right view of poverty causes and what the federal government could do to alleviate the effects of poverty.

Is Our Town still taught in US high schools?

Did you read it in school?

IIRC when Commonwealth citizens began moving to England there was White Supremacy pushback

They were able to do this by law.

As I recall, there were numbers of people angry about the increasing number of Indians, Packistanis, West Indians moving into England.

In early 70s I spent some time in London. An older women in a coffee shop complained to me about not seeing any 'real English' in London.

How is 'Jesus Son of God' different from sons of Greek gods? Ever hear sermon on this?

Organizations that no longer have any moral authority--GOP, SBC, Catholic Church!!!

Any time a representative attempts to pontificate, he/she should face an overwhelming forest of protest signs and an incessant barrage of very specific, targeted questions.

We should refuse to let these criminal hypocrites pretend to be arbiters of, authories over any topic.

I would double or quintuple check if one said the sky is blue.

They are simply NOT to be trusted about anything!!

There are salt mines under Lake Erie? Wow!

Just read about this. Seems like these should be a pretty big deal.

Where is the praise of liberals to set beside 'Small town Country Gentleman'? Alan Jackson song

Just saw a reference to this country-western song.

Makes that world appear so 'real America'.

The values praised are indeed valuable.

BUT....they certainly aren't held only by 'small-town country gentlemen'!!

I like country'western music,BUT... I would like this song much better if it didn't have what I perceive to be a RW agenda.

SBC claims 'autonomy of local congregation' makes it impossible to act vs abuse

This was the initial comment by the SBC president, elected last summer.

But as many--mostly 'ex'--SBC members quickly pointed out, SBC immediately kicks out congregations that hire a woman pastor or welcome/affirm LGBT people.

Does SBC really think denouncing women pastors and LGBT people is so much more important than protecting children from abuse in SBC churches?!?

?!'You shall not spread a false report.' Exodus 23:1--tweet by JohnPiper after article re SBC abuse

(Incorrectly identified source as Ezekiel.)

Piper is a major SBC leader.

I've read he's being called out by many on twitter.

Did Gary Hart in 80s say loss of industries ok--US would become global food source?

I think the article I read then was maybe in the Atlantic.

He said every new stage had its winners and losers. So sure, factory workers in northern states would lose jobs, but that was just the price of progress..

Loss would be made up by burst of jobs in the agricultural sector as US took advantage of its soil and weather to become the food-producing giant of the world.

I remember reading this article and thinking how incredibly calloused and cold-blooded it was!!

Please note--I'm not sure the article was by Hart. I remember it being by him because I so admired him and found the article so different from my perception of him.

The idea that the US would go from a global industrial giant to a global agricultural giant was as I recall, an attempt to deal with the changing US economy.

Some yrs later I read articles that claimed the US had gone from an industrial economy to a service economy. It had become the global headquarters for all types of financial services.

As I recall, there was little discussion of how the US domestic economy replaced factory jobs with ,much lower paying food service jobs.

But hey! All change has its losers, right. Accept your lower income as just part of world progress! You can't fight history!

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