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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 10,602

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Flooding, evacuations in OK--Flooding in West Tulsa, Vinita. Dam failure near Lake Tenkiller

Friends in West Tulsa lost clothes, bed, books. Their friend inVinita--water waste deep-- they've lost everything.

In Tulsa big casino with resort on Arkansas River totally flooded over. This is a major Tulsa attraction, much $$lost by owners and city.

Arkansas R flooding has closed streets nearby.

!?!PatRobertson to say Jeff City tornado God's punishment for their vote to punish abortion..3..2..

What's your weather? Near Tulsa--BokenArrow, Catoosa tornado warnings 7.30pm

Russian bombers off Alaska coast--in cold war, now USSR would be harrying Allies in Berlin Corridor

As I recall, bombers off Alaska and fighters in Berlin corridor were signs of grave tension

?!?There are actually nursery schools that charge $3000/month?!? I just can't...

Remember!! 19th amendment women's right to vote passed by Congress June 4, 1919!!

Ratified August 18, 1920!

Anti-abortion people used to say 'Even the Nazis outlawed abortion!' Failed to say NOT FOR JEWS

Just like white supremacists, they wanted more babies born of the approved race!!

For soldiers, workers.

IIRC they developed a breeding program, matching up approved Aryan females with stalwart Reich warriors. Waiting....3, 2...

Message/warning for today--Stefan Zweig's work The World Of Yesterday, i.e., pre Nazi Europe

Zweig was a world famous author of Jewish-Austrian background.

The book is about the international, European world of literature, of the intellect before it was all destroyed by the Nazis.

Zweig and his 2nd wife fled the Nazis 1st to England, then to the US, and finally to Brazil. There they committed suicide, believing that what the Nazis had destroyed and were destroying was permanently gone and could never be replaced.

Zweig was not the only internationaly famous German or Austrian intellectual who committed suicide in despair at the Nazi destruction of a civilization it had taken centuries to create.

Did a Bahlsen heiress really say family firm's use of Nazi slave labor no big deal?

Bahlsen is a major German firm that makes cookies, etc

Students used to buy their cookies for over-night train trips. Maybe they still do

Saw mention of D B Cooper in a novel. Had to look up. Anyone remember the theft?

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