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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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As a kid, I picked up the subliminal message---Lee was elegant, Grant was a slob

'Daddy, did we Germans really do that?' Little voice from the back of the car

It was a late summer evening in 1990. I was visiting friends in Germany. We were driving to the home of my friend's mother.

He and I were talking about WWII and the Nazis. We had been discussing the horrors of the Holocaust for a while when suddenly we heard the voice of his young son from the back seat--- 'Daddy, did we Germans really do that?'

My friend was devastated. We had forgotten that his son might hear some of what we said.

What are little white American children asking their parents these days?

Woman at Branson MO says she'll teach grandkids to hate BLM. JimBakker hq at Branson. Other....

Branson is home to many Religious Right groups

ETA---Silver Dollar City, gigantic theme park, is located at Branson. It's become a favorite vacation spot for Evangelicals, conservative Christians. It's viewed as a place of clean, family-centered, child-safe fun for the whole family!

IMHO it's no accident JimBakker's complex is right nearby.

(Story about woman at Branson found at rawstory)

There's a Carly Simon anti trump ad on YouTube--linked from a comment to juanitajean

juanitajean post on 2 Lincoln Project ads

June 22 1990---Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin dismantled!!

Impossible to believe that was 30 years ago!!

I was attending a 1 month seminar in Munich for teachers of German run by the U of Washington.

Late in the seminar we slent a few days in Berlin. It was absolutely wild!

The streets were packed with people, many from the former East Germany. People were still picking out pieces of the Wall. I tried but found the material way too hard. Ended up buying a bitty piece embedded in glass?plastic?. There were warnings to protect ourselves from the asbestos in the material that the Soviets had used to build the Wall when they started building it on August 13 1961

Franklin Graham attacks Dr Fauci for saying 'science is truth'!!

Reported June 21 in blog thefriendlyatheist at patheos

4.5 earthquake 10.15pm Saturday 6-20-20 near Enid OK, 115 mi from Tulsa

Any thread following Trump's speech?

Odd fact about names of Tulsa streets

Streets west of Main (toward the Arkansas River) are named after cities west of the Mississippie, eg Boulder, Denver

Streets east of Main are named after cities east of the Mississippi, eg Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit

Gets bit messed up close to the Arkansas and in the area around the arena/federal and city govt buildings

ETA---named streets run north and south.

Streets running east and west are numbered. Admiral north of downtown was the line between north and south Tulsa. There are major streets every mile. There's Admiral, then 11th (old route 66), then 21st(goes by the Fairgrounds) and 21st between Lewis and Utica on north side of Utica Square (IIRC the oldest open air mall in the country), 71st and Memorial a major commercial center with the major Woodlan Hills Mall and many box stores, 81st and Lewis is on the southwest corner of ORU

ZERO change in MN laws regulating police conductĺĺ

Democrats and Republicans in legislature fail to agree on regulations before sessions end

Reported by digby today
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