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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

Journal Archives

For some fun- The Fellowship of the Frog (criminal gang) by Edgar Wallace at 'fadedpage.com'

Mother Nature on US weather: you don't believe in globalwarming? So be the coldest spot on the globe

Wonder when our fascists will decide to euthenize our disabled a la Hitler

Cut support CHECK

So life is made much more difficult for them.

Only a small step to eliminating them completely since they cannot be 'productive members of society.'

Really worried about 2020 Census run by Trump gang. Heard head is already sabotaging process.

Will seriously affect dem vote.

Remember a LTE yrs ago listing all the things for people democrats have done? Was at MMalloy web

Sent to Tulsa World when Steve Largent was Rep from Tulsa. Author writes he was at party in OK, and people were going on and on about 'well, what have democrats ever done for anyone?'

Among other things, he listed Rural Electrification, Rural Free Delivery (mail delivery), education for vets after WWII. Many of the things I had either forgotten or never heard of.

We need to resurrect this letter and pound the points 24/7!

Can anyone find a link?

Is this right? T can't fire Mueller directly? He has to do it thru someone? Eg, SatNiteMassacre

Great free online science fiction - many recent

At www.freesfonline.de

Many of David Weber Honor Harrington books.

Several books in Eric Flint 1632 series.

Many Mercedes Lackey books (She lives near Tulsa. Jinx High, a book in one of her series, is set in Tulsa and environs. Title a play on Tulsa suburb hs, Jenks High School.)

Webpage is very easy to navigate.

Great info for those who like older mystery stories - free online

* fadedpage.com - Patricia Wentworth (Miss Silver), Dorothy Sayers. S S van Dine (Philo Vance)

* gutenberg australia

many mysteries (Carolyn Wells. Edger Wallace)

many science fiction stories

Did Ryan just say he's not running for re-election?!?

Just read this online. Sounds pretty hokey.

Leader of SoBaptConvention has been charged with decades-long molestation of young man!!

[Source with links at Wednesday post at blog 'thewartburgwatch.com]

Charges have been filed in Houston against Paul Pressler, leader of the conservative take-over of the So Baptist Convention.

Pressler and Paige Patterson, now president of SoWestBaptSeminary in Dallas, believed the SBC was becoming 'liberal!!' So they agreed in secret to act. The 1960s take-over, known as the Conservative Resurgence, led to massive firings at SBC seminaries, in SBC churches, and on the mission field. All women seminary faculty were fired. New hires signed loyalty oaths. The denomination that claimed 'no creed but the Bible' now has what serves as one.

Have heard that people who were no longer acceptable, had their books dumped from the seminaries' libraries. (Friend said this happened to her father's works. He was a scholar and long serving missionary.)

Blog links to court filing, which details the take-over.

Pressler's wife, Patterson and his wife, First Bapt Church of Houston, and SoWestBaptSeminary have also been charged.

Years of molestation are detailed in document. Blog states it was widely known for years in Houston in-group church circles that there was something weird about Pressler - naked spa invites, etc.

The seminary has stained glass windows in its chapel of the leaders of the Resurgence, including Pressler and wife, Patterson and wife.
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