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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Book pushed by religious right: God and Trump

In a video on youtube of a recentJim Bakker show, Bakker shows and discusses some of T family pictures. Great praise for T's' committed christian parents!!' No mention, of course, about father's racist policies and
KKK membership. Although - given today's 'committed christians' - those facts probbably confirm he's one of them.

'Thou hast brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger'

From Old and New by Rabindranath(sp?) Tagore

Something to think about.

What most impressive museum exhibits have you seen? Please add yours

* Venus of Willendorf in Vienna. After looking for it a long time, I finally asked for help. I was really shocked . It's very small.

* the Assyrian part of the British Museum. I deliberately sought out the Elgin Marbles because I had heard so much about them. Frankly I wasn't too impressed. And then I stumbled on the Assyrian stuff and was blown away.

Kelly defence of waterboarding and rectal feeding makes him an inhuman monster

The du post of the list of his actions should be blazened far and wide. Trump knew his man better than we did.

He's where he always wanted to be! Creating a world built on his bigotry and cruelty.

Obama Forum Chicago Oct 31 - RW freaking out!!

Was reminded of forum as result of all the youtube videos claiming that this will be his inauguration as the anti-christ.

Some really sick stuff in these videos

UK has penalty for 3rd child?!?

(from seeing video about Prince Wm's expected 3rd child)

Video said law was recently passed allowing subsidy (tax credit?) for .only 2 children. Video said there was anger that royal couple could afford 3rd child while commoners could no longer do so.

Trump DMZ visit purpose: to provoke something??

Trump a failure as a 'rescue dog'...cartoon possibilities??

Got this idea from reading post about Mexican soccer team honoring a rescue dog's work in the aftermath of the earthquake. Looking at the dog's picture, I imagined a cartoon of a dog with Trump's face slinking off in abject shame at his failure to measure up.

Or claiming he (Trump dog) got many honors, many more honors, won bigly, really bigly.

I'm sure there are many better possibilities within this framework.

Ever see MLK in person?

I did in the summer of 1960. I was home between my junior and senior year in college. I heard MLK was going to be in Tulsa, and I badly wanted to see him. My dad asked a colleague (who was a member of the local NAACP) if I could go with him.

The meeting was held in the largest black church in town (no place in the white part of town was available). I don't remember what he said. I just remember the honor the black community gave him and the pagentry of the evening.

The 6 in our group were the only whites there, and we sat way up in the balcony.

I've only found 2 sources to 'prove' that he was here - a black man I met at a church potluck years later who was there and a one sentence comment noted in the index of Black WallStreet, a book (by a black lawyer in Tulsa) about the context of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

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