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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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ATTN!! Delta continually separates gay couple

This was reported today at bilgrimage.blogspot.com.
William Lindsey and his partner of over 40 years
booked seats together on Delta out of Little Rock.
When they got their tickets before boarding, they
found Delta had separated them. This pattern was
repeated on their connecting flight and on their return.
Each time they booked seats side by side, but each
time they learned Delta had changed their seats
separating them. Delta has given them the run-around
each of the several times they tried by mail and phone
to get an explanation.
Lindsey also reported some funny busness with his
laptop in the airport while he was posting this info on
social media.

March of Dimes founded by FDR!!!

So 'good reason' for Mitch and GOP to hate it, right?

According to Wikipedia, that's why FDR's profile
is on the dime.

Shooting in Congress

This seems to have totally disappeared from our memory!!!

In March 1954, some Puerto Ricans wanting independence
got into Congress, wounding several and killing a policeman.
Google lists info at Wikipedia as well as some videos of the

Why Putin and not USSR??

Money listens only to money.
USSR, being anti-capitalist, didn't understand this.
Putin, being the number one capitalist today, does.
Pour in overwhelming amounts of money into US
(in both meanings of the word)
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