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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
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Reaction vs Nashville Statement

Many of the commenters at the blog thewartburgwatch.com are present or former Evangelicals.

They all wonder why THIS statement NOW:

1) They ask why no concern for the abused children and women who are found everywhere in Evangelical churches?

2) Most believe this is a major attempt to salvage the consevatives' belief in men as permanent leaders and in women as permanent submissive followers.

3) They think the LGBT concerns are a cover for for this primary agenda.They are also very angry about the further damage and pain this statement causes LGBT people.

The comments reveal the extent to which the so-called Evangelical leaders are losing the people in the pews.

The 'last days' preachers and Harvey

I haven't heard of them preaching on this. I would think there would be references to The Flood, since that was supposedly God's punishment for sin. Those preachers certainly think US has spent the last decades 'turning away from God.'

Aug 28, 1963 MLK 'I have a dream'

54 years later Charlottesville, pardon of AZ sherrif.

My (what's yours?) family history vs Nazis and Confederacy

My father's grandfather fought for the Union in the 11th IA Infantry.
Two of my mother's cousins fought in Europe and one in the Pacific,
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