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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Why not form a group, find wall in town needing to be torn down, smash it together AND

Play zippy music from different countries and eat ethnic food.

Do this every weekend and publicize event widely.

Find buildings to be demolished, make arrangements, get sledge hammers.

A motto?? 'Herr Trump, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!'

Could be a celebratory register and organize weekly or every other week event.

We made big mistake: we should have taken down big players in 08-09 Recession

They bankrolled GOPin 16 aided by Putin. And they're in cabinet and behind GOP congress and tax 'reform.'

They skipped jail to continue to rob us blind.

At least Willy Sutton was finally seen for what he was and caught.

These guys?? M$M running good protection covering up truth.

January is the best month!!

MLK was born in January.

Michelle Obama was born in January.

Elvis was born in January.

Annnnd - I was born in January!

78 this month!!

Remember this? 'There was a young farmer who took a young miss Out

behind the barnyard to give her ... A lecture on chicken and eggs And tell her.......

Prof at seminary connected to Baylor pleas for Evangelical leaders to condemn shithole comments

On Jan 20, seminary prof Roger E Olson wrote a follow-up letter to Evangelical leaders who support Trump's comments. His previous letter, which was mentioned in The Hill, drew many negative comments, claiming Olson had a political vendetta vs Trump.

In the second letter (also a post at his blog at patheos), Olson emphasizes the damage done to the many children from these countries who have been adopted by American parents. Incredibly, one commenter claims most such children would never hear of these statements, a claim Olsen destroys. Since he is talking to Evangelicals who presumably wish to win the world for Jesus, Olson emphsizes the damage done to the work of missionaries in these 'shithole' countries.


'Evangelical mulligans and idiot winds' Good links about Evangelical craziness at bilgrimage blog

Lindsey has a collection of scathing take-downs of any Evangelical claim to any sort of moral authority from now on.

This blog is good to read if you're looking for info re political machinations by Evangelicals or Catholics. Lindsey lives with his partner (now husband) of over 40 years in Little Rock. He grew up in the SoBaptist then became a Catholic. He and his husband are searching for a new church home since the Catholics have no room for LGBT people.

Anyone ever consider megachurches, big ministries as money laundering entities?

Everything the GOP does is carefully crafted to make us depressed

Depression saps our will, makes it easy for others to impose on us, makes it difficult for us to resist and rebel.

(From comment in a book by Mercedes Lackey, a major science fiction author who lives near Tulsa OK.)

Anyone remember seeing the Red Skelton movie 'The Fuller Brush Man'?

My folks took us to see it in the 40s. We kids thought it was hysterically funny.

Some time later a door-to-door salesman knocked on the door and said he was a fuller brush man. We kids were there and couldn't stop laughing. Mom was very embarassed and explained about the movie and apologized profusely.

A great memory from childhood.

'That's tough.' 'What's tough?' 'Life.' 'What's life?' 'A magazine.' 'How much does it cost?' 'A

'A quarter.' ' That's tough.' 'What's tough?' Continues in endless loop.

Learned in 40s as a kid. My brothers and I loved it.

A long lost time of cheap magazines and cheap gasoline.
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