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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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!!HWBush nominated CThomas to replace Thurgood Marshall in 'gotcha' move to--

--force dems to vote for Thomas.

TM was 1st black on SCOTUS. NAACP lawyer. IIRC, he successfully argued the famous desegregation case before SCOTUS.

HW cynically nominated Thomas, with a v mediocre history, to replace this giant. HW gambled that dems could not risk voting against a black man.

IIRC HW is on record somewhere admitting to or plotting with cronies to 'trap' dems into having to vote for Thomas.

Why is Saudi Arabia at G20? Have they been at previous similar meetings?

'Peace on earth, good wiil toward men' became 'Peace on earth to men of good will'. Now better trans

This is the English translation of the German translation similar to Good News for Modern Man. I have been told the German version is a truer translation/restatement--

'Good will to all those who allow themselves to be loved by God.'

I really like this.

Anyone know anything about Russia's recent act vs Ukraine? And T's fast return to DC.

Cheryl Rofer posted today that Russia has blocaded the Kerch Strait. See blog balloon-juice.com.

Sounds maybe not so good.

JFK assassinated November 22, 1963. 55 years ago. Hard to believe.

Still remember where I was when I heard he'd been shot. I was 23, in grad school.

The campus memorial service in inner quad--the faculty marched in dressed in their academic regalia.

It was the first time I ever saw grown men cry in public.

Doesn't Laura Loomer, RW nut, look like youtube's decorating 'star' Mr Kate? She, husband have many

Saw pic of Loomer on RawStory today.

Brownback to be on Jim Bakker show next week. Reported by blog rightwingwatch.com

Guest on JimBakker show--Trump with aid of McConnell and LGraham has changed US for 30-40 yrs

This, in case you couldn't guess, was great praise for T and 'proof' that he's god's chosen, annointed one.

This was early in video of a show on youtube from after the midterms.

I couldn't watch more than a few minutes.

Everything T and gang do to destroy our democracy the Fundagelicals see as T doing god's will.

I can't see that there is any way to talk to them. There is NO common ground, are NO common definitions.


What's your family cranberry recipe? Yrs ago NPR's Susan Stanberg gave hers----

Take 1 can cranberry jelly.

Open both ends.

Push from one end onto plate.

Apply, eat as you wish.

Suberb answer!!

Five fat turkeys are we. We slept all night in a tree--

Five fat turkeys are we.

We slept all night in a tree.

When the cook came round,

We couldn't be found.

And that's why we're here,

You see!

(Song learned in grade school in OK in the 40s.)
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