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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
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Are women being warned about danger of measles to pregnant women and unborn children?

Even as kids in grade school in the 50s we were aware of this danger.

In all the reports about the rise of measles cases I don't recall seeing any mention of this.

Seems like this dannger should be the lead in any anti-vax story!

Remember this old riddle? What's black and white and red all over?

Or 'Why did they call it hadacol?' 'Cuz they hada call it sumpthin.'

Or--Railroad crossing, look out for the cars! Can you spell that without any 'rs'?

Tulsa OK: Congregational church's nativity is fenced in, sign 'Holy Family was a Migrant Family'

Google has links with pics.

Brief mention on CNN.

The church is gay, lesbian, transgender affirming and in past has had some severe pushback from some in city.

GOP, Trump HATE people. Dems care about others. So if shutdown lasts very long---

If shutdown lasts a long time and more and more people and families are being seriously hurt because they're not getting paid----

Will dems feel more and more pressure to 'deal' with T to help hurting people?

Why, oh why did girls in the 50s ALWAYS get compacts for Christmas and birthdays?

Or was it that my aunts just couldn't think what to give a girl who was maybe too old for dolls?

Do compacts even exist anymore?

Which is correct?--Whomever you choose will have to--OR--Whoever you choose will have to--

Whomever would be direct object of 'choose'

Whoever would be subject of 'will have to'

What about orphan trains in the history of US treatment of unwanted immigrant children??

IIRC church orphanages in NYC tan out of room, so homeless, mostly immigrant, children were put on trains and sent West.

At each stop, people could take a child or so through some process. Some wanted children as part of their family. Others wanted farm or domestic laborers, often little more than slaves.

IIRC the fate of the individual children greatly depended on the character of the people working on the train and those working with the potential 'adopters.'

I remember the shock I felt when I learned that orphan trains actually existed and weren't a Western novel's plot device.

Error in Newsweek 'Evangelicals and GOP'-- Russel Moore NOT prez of SoBaptists!

Interesting article, but that is a major error. Esp considering how much national attn this past summer's annual meeting of the SoBaptist Convention got. Remember the scandal over Paige Patterson, the head of the SBC's Southwestern Seminary? His failure to report rape of a seminary student to police? His advice to abused wives to stay with their abuser husbands?

The Newsweek article seems accurate but nothing particularly new. This basic error does raise questions about the toroughness of their investigation!

The article is in the December 13 issue.

Destruction of butterfly sanctuary to build T's wall!! Lets do major publicity directed to kids

Anti smoking campaign led kids to beg parents to quit smoking!

Some of my friends talked about their children doing this. Friends stopped smoking.

Deporting Vietnam War refugees--Didn't US promise them haven for their help? Kids born here too?

This is incredibly evil-- decades after they came here.
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