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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
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Leaders of RW takeover of SBC gone - Pressler charged with pederasty, Paige fired for rape coverup

And SBC convention is in June.

Betting message will be 'God has forgiven us, we will move forward stronger ...blah, blah, blah.'

Paige Patterson completely fired. No emeritus status, no residence, no ongoing compensation

SBC's Southwestern Seminary severed all ties with Paige.


Wade Burleson, SBC pastor in OK, was contacted by a woman who was a student in 2003 at SBC's Southeastern Seminary in NC when Paige was president of that seminary. When she reported that she had been raped, nothing was reported to the police and she was put on probation.

Burleson contacted a reporter at WaPo to get professional journalist training and resources on the story.

Shortly after the woman's story appeared, Southwestern's trustees rescinded their 'sweeatheart' deal with Paige and severed all ties with him.

This breaking story is discussed at the website thewartburgwatch.org. Many commenting on the story are former or present members of SBC churches. They note that his firing opens the way for the New Calvinist movement to completly takeover the SBC. Paige was the only remaining non-Calvinist head of a SBC seminary or board. The probable new SBC president (to be elected at June convention) is a noted New Calvinist leader.

Know anything about Tommy Robinson and the English Defense League? Rightwingwatch has post abt him

Why isn't media calling Puerto Rican deaths from huricane Maria 'Trump's Katrina'??

IIRC every other day we had headlines 'THIS (finally we've got him) is Obama's Katrina!!'

There is literally NO LIMIT to their evil!!. US is confiscating rosaries of immigrants at border!!!

PZ Myers has a link with picture of some rosaries confiscated. A worker posted this to inform people/YOU and ME. Meyers has this at his blog at freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula

Any fans of Georgette Heyer here? Love both her regencies and detective stories

I had a lot but lost many in 3 moves. A favorite is The Grand Sophy

There are a few of her books free online, but they are very hard to find.

She pretty much created the regency romance genre, and no writer after her comes close.

Many free online 'romance' novels have outlaw motorcycle gang members as heroes. What's up?

My tentative theory is that MC gang members are part of the cop/cowboy/SEAL group that this genre seems to think provides strong males who can and (perhaps more importantly) WILL do anything to rescue and protect the 'damsel in distress' heroine.

The MC gang members are usually involved in some type of violent criminal activity, often killing members of rival gangs.

Anyone here seen the movie Come Sunday about Carlton Pearson, a noted black Charismatic preacher?

He is an alum of ORU, and his mentor was Oral Roberts. Oral's son Richard called Carlton his 'black brother.' He was a nationally known Pentecostal preacher and leader. (He took part in the memorial service for the victims of the OKC Bombing at which Billy Graham gave the sermon.)

Gradually he became convinced that a loving God would not condemn people to eternal torture in Hell and began to believe and preach Universalism, the idea that ALL people are saved.

He lost his friends, his church, became a non-person at ORU.

I've heard him preach several times and attended his church Higher Dimensions twice. Quite a compelling preacher.

The movie is a Netflix movie.

Just saw this - Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes by David Horowirz!!! Sure isn't subtle!

The 2 leaders of the fundamentalist takeover of the SoBaptConvention in big trouble

* Paul Pressler, a former TX judge, has been accused by several men that he sexually molested them when they were teens in his church groups. There are many recent articles stating that his actions were an open secret.

* Paige Patterson, president of the SBC's Soutwestern Seminary, is under fire for his appalling statements that abused wives should stay, submit, and pray for their husbands. These comments have been discussed for some time by women in the SBC. They have only recently reached a national audience.

Notknown nationally is Patterson's refusal to report to police the clams of several woman that an up and coming preacher (?Daryl Gillard) was molesting them. Paige refused to fire the preacher and sent him to a new church post without informing that congregation of the charges. The man continued to abuse women until finally someone reported him to the police. (Victims in SBC and similar churces are told NOT to report to the police. They are told the matter must be handled in house.)

He fired one of the best, if not THE best, Hebrew scholar in the SBC because she was a woman. In his Bible interpretation, women are NOT permitted to teach men. Even more 'damning' in his view, she interpreted Bible passages for herself. In Paige's view, women are to take men's view of the Bible, not read it on their own.

Finally, you will not believe this! Paige, his wife, Paul, and his wife have each been 'immortalized' for their role in the SBC takeover by having their stained glass portraits placed in the windows of the chapel at Southwestern Seminary.

[See many recent posts about these 2 at the blog thewartburgwatch.com.]
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