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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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When will Trump, gang push for national ban on videoing, photographing police?

And outlaw police departments using cams?

Use of videos has made (should have made!!) it impossible to claim/believe police don't attack black people. T, gang do not want this truth made so glaringly public.

So Justice Kennedy retiring, SCOTUS kicked public sector unions!! Blast electoral college!!

Oklahoma legalized medical marajuana?? Incredible!!

SHS gives press briefings b/c she's a woman. Gets much more sympathy when attacked than Spicer,

RW would get angry when Fleischer was complained about. But complain about SHS? How can you? We thought libs admired a woman succeeding in a predominatly male profession!

Reminds of how surprised a colleague was when she learned I wasn't a big fan of Condi. But she's a woman! And black! I thought you wanted more women and blacks in important positions!

Many RW just laugh off attacks on RW men but have tearful sympathy for a RW woman attacked. And spring to defense of 'the little woman being beat up by those awful [liberal - of course] bullies'. Not all women get sympathy, only RW ones. Vengeful attack, not sympathy is what non-RW women get. Exhibit #1 HRC!!

Is anyone checking to see if Sessions has stock in cos running 'babyjails'?? Devos does.

Anne Frank's father applied many times to emmigrate to US, was refused. She died in KZ!

KZ=Konzentrationslager=concentration camp

His many applications were, of course, for the whole family.

Found this information at the blog faithonthefringe [patheos.com/blogs/faithonthefringe]

Title of the post 'Did we kill Anne Frank today?'

That zero reporters, elected officials allowed in to 'camps' negates all Trump gang spin QED

Re Romans 13 - Those who claim God instituted govt NEVER apply this to Bill Clinton or Obama admin

Got blank stares when I asked Religious Right colleague why this passage applied to W but not to Clinton.

Also asked why passage didn't mean that colonists were acting against god when they rose up against England. We were in a work environment in which the American Revolution was considered to have been blessed by god.

ATTN DUers in OK!! Is there an ICE detention center at the Tulsa Co jail??

With the election of the new president the SBC is now totally controlled by Calvinists.

The most shocking aspect ot this to me is that the so-called 'New Calvinists' led by Al Mohler, the prez of the flagship SBC seminary in Louisville and the 'pope' of the SBC, teach 'Limited Atonement', the concept that contrary to John3:16, Jesus did not die for everyone but only for those who have already been chosen by god to be saved. It therefore does not matter if a person accepts 'Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior' and prays the Sinner's Prayer; if god did not choose to save that person before the origin of the universe --- then that person is just out of luck. So why evangelize, send missionaries, --- it makes no difference. It's just a big con game (for money and power?? You can't help wondering.)

From what I have read in the posts and comments at the blog thewartburgwatch.com and elsewhere, most of the people in the many, many SBC churches are unaware that this takeover has been carried out for years. All the heads of the SBC seminaries and boards are New Calvinists. And now the convention president is openly a New Calvinist. (The president and his associates choose the people in all positions of power within the convention.)
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