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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Evangelicals may say--god chose David, a sexual predator, and he has chosen Kav

Just like they say-- so T is divorced, has mistresses, is indeed a sinner. But god chose Cyrus , from a pagan nation, to bring Israel back to him. And T is the new Cyrus bringing the US back to god. And god has chosen Kav to help him. Ie abortion and homosexuality are keeping the US from god, and T and Kav will eliminate them and bring US back in god's favor.

That's the mindset of today's Evangelicals.

WAIT a g-d minute!! Voter suppression, Russian tampering, vote counts 'off' and then BLUE WAVE GONE

Sure do hope dems are monitoring everything in each state

Worst case--Kav put on court. Then let's send kegs of beer to the court his 1st robed-up day there

And protestors mass on steps and before court with super large mockup of beer keg

?!?Kav and Gorsuch went to same prepsch, Roberts worked for Kav's father, Kennedy picked Kav,--?!?

What more personal and family ties have there been between presiding justices and nominees?

Good field for investigative reporting

Cop killed Brian Hundley jury found him guilty, Kav overtuned their decision

Tweet by michaelherriot, then long thread

In the thread a reference to Kav's decision is supplied. Also some back and forth that the case was complicated

mene mene tekel upharsin -- wonder if any Evangelicals are scared to look at their walls, any wall

Message to ruler that appeared on wall and was interpreted, translated by Daniel -- you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting

Still want to know--who in the world keeps calendars for so many years?

Politician, businesses-- but a HS student? Maybe parents? But wouldn't that be more for the 1st few years of life?

What happens now? What do Kav, gang do now? AnnePerry book Blind Justice?

In Perry's book in her Monk series, a respected preacher is accused of stealing $$ the congregation gave for missions. When it looks like he may be found guilty, there is murder, suicide, leaked very damaging info about the highest men in the land.

Perry's books can often be quite depressing, but they are powerfully written and like tv's Law and Order raise serious questions about policing and the process of justice.

Did they change the camera in Kav statement break to make wife's face harder to see?

If so, some PR were watching the hearing VERY carefully!!

!?!?Ķav's wife was personal secretary to W in WH!?!?

At link in article in today's alicublog.

Link has pic of Kav, wife, toddler daughter in Oval Office.
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