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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Anyone following Baghdad events? Just heard US embassy has been breached, workers in safe room

We know RWers are cheering. JimBakker,guests said Cummings' death was God punishing Trump opponents!

Because 'Trump is God's annointed one'

Romance Writers of America imploding b/c leaders censoring those charging them with bigotry

(Read about this at PZ Meyer's blog pharyngula--never know what you'll find there)

Article The Implosion of the RWA at claireryanauthor.com/blog written 12.27

Author has timeline of what has happened.

Courtney Milan, a IMHO very good writer, has been claiming the group refuses to recognize or give awards to works/authors whose characters are from 'marginalized' communities such as gays, transgender, racial groups. Others have agreed. Leaders have vehemently denied this, censored her,etc. There have been several Twitter storms over events.

Author have left the group, withdrawn their books from consideration, etc

NOTE-- Milan worked in the offices of the judge on the Ninth District Court who was 'let go' for creating a sexist environment. She left because of this. During the Kav heading she posted that she worked in the same offices that Kav did and that he lied when he claimed he did not know the environment existed.

Does any group consider the one-time use prescription pill bottles in plastic problem?

Do you read shifter novels? Why are bears so popular.?

Throw homeless in jail? Yay! another way to throw kids in cages!!

They just never stop thinking up new and better ways to hurt kids and families!!

Re Trump new EO--If losing job is against law, then closing businesses should be too!

People often homeless because they lost their job

What do you know about Joy Harjo? I'm freaking out that I just heard about her -Native American po

Recently named Native American Port Laureate

On her blog she writes about Native American voices being silenced, falsehoods on her Wiki page that she has not been able to correct, the enduring legacy of Andrew Jackson--Hitler claimed he learned from Jackson how to exterminate groups of people

She was born in my city, has won many poetry and music awards---where have I been that I'm just finding out about her??

Ever read John Buchan's book Greenmantle? He also wrote 39 Steps

Just discovered Dornford Yates---Barry books similar to Wodehouse, Chandos books to the Saint books

This essay Dornford Yates and the Clubland Heroes at mysteryfile.com and the Wikipedia entry seem good introductions

Anyone here familiar with his work?

ETA---was a cousin of HHMunro (Saki), author of short story The Open Window
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