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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Mid IA--minus 8 at 7.30pm today; heard there's 3 days off at IaState!

Anyone know this poem by Wendell Barry 'The Peace of Wild Things' ? Helpful thoughts.

The poem was just recommended to me. They have it posted on their refrigerator door.

The poem is at several places online.

[Sorry. Unable to copy it on this device.]

A suggestion--rise of RW globally sign plutocrats fear increase of people power

After WWII more and more previously despised peoples began rising and taking power over their own lives--both globally and domestically.

See Churchill's hatred of Ghandi and his movement.

The despised and down-trodden--women, POC---are speaking up, seizing power. And this is totally unacceptable to the self-annointed Master of the Universe. Who nowy will do any and everything possible to take back their power and show everyone that they are chosen to be the inevitable mandated rulers

How can teachers teach about govt and constitution today? Eg, how bills become laws?

There's the way it supposedly works that I learned in Jr-high and high-school in the 50s.

And how Trump, Mitch, and GOP are doing things today.

Remember when it was considered a scandal that W's cabinet was 'the millionaire cabinet'???

Oh for 'the good old days' of yore!!

Trump's FBI furlough has opened the door to criminal gangs and terrorists!

Pretty dumb, right?

Obama--Trayvon M could be my son. Trump--Nicholas Sandman could be my son?

Obama said this.

Does Trump wish this??

Group of black boys 'a throng of thugs'--group of white boys 'a wisp of WASPs'

Found in article at theroot.com about black boy bikers in FL (Jan.22)

Bizarre! Empress Zita's father had 12 children with 1st wife, 12 children with 2nd!

She was the last empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire--fell at end of WWI.

Trump does NOT care about hurting people. So how can dems get govt working???

If your opponent does NOT care how much harm he does, what can you do?

And now we learn he's getting the FBI and federal courts shut down.

Does that mean no one can bring a case against him? File complaints with FBI?

It's Trump's ideal world. Do whatever he wants and not have to face any consequences.

I do not see how with someone like Trump we can survive without dems (who actually do care about suffering of others and a functioning govt) giving up more than we can afford.

The kidnapper is pushing in the knife. What do the police do? Maybe they'll get the kidnapper--but the hostage may end up bleeding to death on the floor.
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