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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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YOU ARE NOT CHEWED GUM---Trojan co puts up wall of chewed gum in DC. Anti purity cult meme!

Found at friendlyatheist blog at patheos. Link to more info

Abstinence only programs, purity cult churches teach that girls who have sex before marriage are like chewed gum--something no one would ever, ever want to touch

Just reading about Miri Clan in Germany--a (maybe) Kurdish drug gang. Ever hear of it?

1st read about it in Der Spigel magazine---leader had been deported, but he somehow managed to get back into Germany.

They apparently have a major motorcycle gang in the country.

English source for info Wikipedia

Impt reminder: walls are NOT permanent! Must be constantly rebuilt!

So building a wall is NOT a once and done expense. There must be a permanent budget for maintenance and rebuillding.

Fred Clark in his blog slacktivist at patheos on October 21 points this out by reminding us of Robert Frost's poem 'Mending Wall'

The poem starts 'There is something that doesn't like a wall'

Reading it again I was struck by the neighbor's stolid, blind, unthinking defermination to rebuild the wall once again. Reminded me of someone!

Pence's older brother is a HouseRep from IN on one of the committees in room GOPers crashed

This means the VP has access to all the info coming out.

I don't believe this is very widely known

IIRC I saw this in same Buzzfeed digital issue that had long article about the GOPers crashing into the room

Does internet have up pic of GOP mob with people labeled? Like with FL2000 mob??

GOPers sropped Deputy Asst Secy of DOD Cooper's testimony, won't leave. Way to block impeachment?

So if you don't like what's being done, just barge in and stay.

'Watcha gonna do now, sucker dems? Huh? Huh?'

When will Democrats FINALLY change the name of the 'Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner???

Neither stands for the ideals and goals of today's party!!

Tulsa Race Massacre 1921--opening sequence to HBO's series Watchmen. Have you seen it?

Being discussed on PZ Meyers' blog pharyngula

?!? In IA, basement of family home fills with blood from meat locker next door ?!?

Saw mention this was in USAToday

What's going on?

ANOTHER child abuse scandal at Chandler's The Village Church Ft Worth!!

[ found report at the friendlyatheist blog at patheos. Info was posted today 10-17]

Church is already dealing with a 1 million $ lawsuit over its mishandling of a child abuse act. Now this!!

Entire congregation was NOT notified.

Parents of one child who had been in endangered group were not notified because,,,,,THEY WERE NO LONGER MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH!!!
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