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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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I look at what's going on in England and think 'How sad' Then realize that's what people think of us

IPORTANT--how Right made abortion THE Evangelical issue. Blog godlessindixie Oct 23, 2018

Blog godlessindixie at patheos.

Fred Clark at patheos has laid this history out earlier.

Before Weyrich and his gang found this cause to replace segregation, leading SoBaptists were writing articles stating life begins at birth.

This history is very important. Obviously Evangelicals --once again--do not know their own history.

Sea otters have pockets under their arms to store food and tools!!--posted by digby

Her post links to tweet from Shedd Aquarium that has video of otter using pocket

Sorry--can't post on this device

Now we know (thanks to JimBakker)--Trump has done nothing warranting impeachment!!

'One of the best constitutionsl lawyers in America' was on his show May 17 and said so!

He's also written a book about the 'myth of the separation of church and state'

Aren't you relieved and set at rest now?

Just let the Evangelical televangelists explain everything to you!

Flooding, evacuations in OK--Flooding in West Tulsa, Vinita. Dam failure near Lake Tenkiller

Friends in West Tulsa lost clothes, bed, books. Their friend inVinita--water waste deep-- they've lost everything.

In Tulsa big casino with resort on Arkansas River totally flooded over. This is a major Tulsa attraction, much $$lost by owners and city.

Arkansas R flooding has closed streets nearby.

!?!PatRobertson to say Jeff City tornado God's punishment for their vote to punish abortion..3..2..

What's your weather? Near Tulsa--BokenArrow, Catoosa tornado warnings 7.30pm

Russian bombers off Alaska coast--in cold war, now USSR would be harrying Allies in Berlin Corridor

As I recall, bombers off Alaska and fighters in Berlin corridor were signs of grave tension

?!?There are actually nursery schools that charge $3000/month?!? I just can't...

Remember!! 19th amendment women's right to vote passed by Congress June 4, 1919!!

Ratified August 18, 1920!
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