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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Vote in OK on Tues. Prefer EWbut see Bernie and Biden v close in OK. Do NOT want Bernie. Sooooo....

Should I vote Biden??

Any other year I'd go with my heart, like I realized I should do in the 70s when I didn't vote for Chisholm.

But we MUST defeat Trump. And I just do not see any way Bernie can win the election. And I think he'll cost us the House.

I like lots of Bernie's ideas. BUT 'socialism' is the kiss of death for way too many. I don't know why his supporters don't see that. It's like they live in a bubble.

Maybe it's not a problem for younger people. But would enough of them vote to balance out the rest? Voting pattern history says not.

Undecided, middle-of-road voters called 'mug wumps' in late 19th century

Read this in a girl's book written in the period. It was one of my mom's (b 1913) books she had as a kid.

I read it when I was in grade school in the 40s and thought that was a very funny word.

Major source creating fear re covid-19--JimBakker show--at least 5 shows, titled

'What's not being told about coronavirus'

The most recent shows

All YouTube videos can be accessed via ministry webpage

Gigantic fearmongering---food prices going up, food disappearing from stores, etc, etc

Remember 100s of thousands watch this show

A few yrs ago there was an extensive discussion how world would manage a pandemic like 1918 flu

It was assumed US would have the teams and infrastructures that had been developed over decades!!

No one imagined the enormous Trump engine of destruction

He eliminated much of the public health, epidemic infrastructures!

How do I change my primary preference? Thanks for help

Watch Robert Jeffress, pastor of Dallas 1st SoBaptist, on JimBakker show for Evangelical message

This is what 100s of thousands of people are hearing weekly at church and daily on tv

You can watch 2 videos of him on the show at the Jim.Bakker ministry web page.

Jeffress paints Democrats as totally demonic, anti God, out to destroy everything good in US. Trump is saving the country from evil!

'Last 4 yrs of Obama completely destructive.'

This can be truly eye-opening if you've had little or no contact with the world of the Evangelicals

This group has been an active force in US politics since at least the late 70s. But the print and tv media totally ignored them and ridiculed anyone who tried to sound the alarm. Now when it's nearly too late, political and intellectual leaders are beginning to wake up!

Covid-19--Marc Lipsitch, prof of Epidemiology at HarvardSchool of Public Health; if epidemic 40-70%

40 to 70% of population worldwide will get it if there's a pandemic

Covid-19 quite likely to spread in US. Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?

There's a claim by noted scientist it will affect 40%+ of population

Natl sec advisor claims not firing Vind bros would mean US allowed army to run US

(From rawstory)

Robert O'Brien claims otherwise US would be a banana republic where the military runs the government

!?! Utah Senate committee unanimously votes to decriminalize polygamy!?!

Feb 11 in Salt Lake City Tribune
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