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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Did Trump gang threaten loss of $$$ if Mayo refused to let Pence in ?

We take all your federal grants

I feel guilty praying for help now when my probs are so minor compared to most peoples. And you?

This is obviously directed to those who pray, at least sometime

Massive attack on WHO posted at internet site of jimbakker show

I was looking for link to the YouTube video of his show at jimbakkershow.com/vod/ and was presented with a screed claiming the communist head of WHO is disseminating false info to create a globalist economy

Millions of people follow JimBakker and will see and possibly believe this garbage

Trump has Evangelist network supporting him completely

Wonder if Obamas assumed Michigan would be a relatively quiet state for Sasha to attend college?

Schumer looks very old in interview with Chris Hayes--do you agree?

This is really hard on leaders who care about people!

Why did they bother to change the page to agree with Jared? They know we can't do anything about it

Wendy's just told those working in drive through they will be fired if they wear a mask!!

So my friend has to quit. He lives with 2 people with health issues

They decided to live on less money and try to avoid possible infection

Isn't that a caring corporate policy!! (Sarcasm very bitter)
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