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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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OMG! Just heard from friend---rhere are people blocking I44 in TULSA! At Peoria!

She said cops blocked the freeway. Are being 'good'

If it's happening in OK........

Why is Target closing stores across the country? I can see in MN, Mnplis but why in MO, OK, etc.

Do they feel those stores have 'guilt by association'?

I thought that particular store got hit b/c of its location.

Does Target think it's done something to cause serious anger?

Is someone listing the journalists attacked by cops across the country? Tweet in DU post not organiz

It's very hard to follow

I saw these cities mentioned---

*Minneapolis----many, many, including Ali V
*NewYork----many, many

In at least one city, Minneapolis?, foreign press was attacked

There was a woman whose eye was badly damaged---where?

I think there were many more cities

Press was attacked by tear gas, pepper spray (often after being knocked to ground). By batons?

In Minneapolis cops lobbed stuff at people sitting ON THEIR OWN PORCHES (IIRC this was done in Ferguson)

Reports cops
---covered badges, cameras
---laughed when told they were attacking press
---seemed deliberately to single out press

His Heinous----from comment at blog juanitajean

Pentagon puts MPs on standby to go to Minneapolis---thedailybeast.com May 30

Weren't there several massive anti-war demos vs Nixon in WH? Did SS lock it down?

'White people nationwide mourn the senseless murder of a Minneapolis Target store'---VSB ai The Root

By Damon Young

'What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.' Gen4:10

From Christianity Today's article on George Floyd

About his life and work as a Christian worker in the Third Ward (projects) in Houston

Remember--The black guy killed by a white woman cop was also a noted Christian student and wotker. RW worked visciously hard to destroy his reputation.

ETA---this is what God says to Cain when He sees Cain has killed his brother Abel

'96% of MPD doesn't live in Mplis. Want to talk about outside agitators? Go talk about them.'

Ian Coldwater tweet

What happened to concept of noblesse oblige? Idea that those with privilege have obligation to help

......help those with less privilege.

And are most especially obliged to help those with none.

Might slide into 'lady bountiful' syndrome, but at least that's way better than a world of Trump and gang
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