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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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What percentage of seniors have Social Security payments as their only income?

They will soon starve to death if the payments stop!

Franklin Graham's niece, Jerushah DuFord, joins Lincoln Project

Posted today by blog friendlyatheist at patheos

[Unable to find out who her parents are]

Is there a film #Blue Wave 2020?? The only thing I can find is labelled 'trailer'. So I'm confused

?!?! Pentagon plans $2.2billion cut to military health care?!?!

Posted August 16 at joemygod

WHO planned destruction of Postal Service?? Sone who knows well its organization, operation!! WHO

Eta---Clearly someone told Trump , DeJoy what to do, how ro do it!!

Jim.Bakker guest 8/14 reports going to Seattle where he found demonic spirit worse than in Syria, Pa

Evil, anti god spirit in streets of America protesting police killings of blacks worse than anti god spirit working in killings, bombing, disruptions on Syria border, in Pakistan---where he said he'd been as preacher 'bringing healing"

'A report about the 'horrendous evil working to take over streets of America'

Millions watch these people and are being told/convinced thet 'BLM, movement for civil rights for marginalized is direct attack on god and his people'


You may find them ridiculous, illogical, whatever. But 81% of white Evangelicals voted for Trump. 60% of white Catholics voted for Trump. Their votes put him in office

The % of white Evangelicals suppoting him hasn't changed

We ridicule them, ignore them at our peril!!!

Did the 'Spanish flu' (1918-1920) contribute to the Great Depression (1929)?

I don't remember ever seeing the 2 events put together.....

Edited to correct date of 'Spanish flu'

Trump is destroying the retirement of every non-rich person in US!!

The GOP is out to destroy those like me, who've been retired for a while

And those who thought they could retire last year/this year

GOP wants to ERADICATE all non-rich people ---families, children, old people

Their secret dream is of being Scrooge McDuck, swimming in a sea of gold

Gov DeWine of OH tests positive! Many links at google

How are the people at the Living History Farms dealing with the virus?

Are they still trying to live like people did in the era of their farm?

Does the whole project still exist? I haven't been back in IA since 91
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