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Bertha Venation

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Current location: Charles County, MD
Member since: Wed Oct 15, 2003, 08:30 PM
Number of posts: 21,467

Journal Archives

need menu help -- teriyaki salmon

Grilled teriyaki salmon. Any ideas for accompaniments? Thanks!
Posted by Bertha Venation | Mon Sep 9, 2013, 02:43 PM (7 replies)

need menu help -- teriyaki salmon

What can I serve with grilled teriyaki salmon?
Posted by Bertha Venation | Mon Sep 9, 2013, 10:52 AM (8 replies)

At what age does one become "elderly?" Why?

Posted by Bertha Venation | Thu Sep 5, 2013, 11:01 AM (15 replies)

Thoughts, vibes, prayers requested

for Mrs. V., please. Specifically: for quick resolution of a bad family/financial/criminal matter back home in Tennessee, and for some health worries. http://www.democraticunderground.com/11471665

She is overwhelmed and seriously, desperately overstressed. Help, please.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 09:42 AM (48 replies)

Mrs. V. -- possible old stroke

Mrs. V.'s been having some problems for which our doc sent her for a CT scan, among other tests. Yesterday we learned that the CT scan revealed a lesion in the left basal ganglia, and our doc has ordered an MRI. It's scheduled for Tuesday.

For the past couple of months, Mrs. V. has had worsening tremors in her hands. On a number of occasions, she has felt like she was going to faint. She has also had trouble finding the right word, or has stammered, or has used the wrong word.

Do you know anyone who found they might've had an old stroke, or a test found something in this area of your/their brain? What was the ultimate diagnosis? Prognosis?
Posted by Bertha Venation | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 09:40 AM (7 replies)

If I may. Venting.

The exhaustion remains. Cause(s) unknown as yet.

Last week I saw the worst doctor Iíve ever seen. After reading my sleep study, my internist referred me to a pulmonary specialist. He walked into the exam room in a filthy lab coat. Did not introduce himself to me or to my wife. Without a word he sat and began reviewing the sleep study. He asked why I was there. I told him why my doctor referred me. He totally dismissed my doctorís concern. He talked down to me. He was rude, arrogant, patronizing. And rather than inquire further into the possibly sleep-related cause of my exhaustion, he prescribed a drug to keep me awake during the day. Heís an idiot; if heíd read the chart heíd see Iím on HBP meds. Besides, I donít want a drug; I want an answer. Iíll never go back.

Now I have an appointment with a pulmonologist/sleep specialist at Georgetown Hospital on October 1.

Meantime, Iím trying to get my blood sugar under control, realizing that my diabetes could also be a cause of exhaustion.

My doc put me on a cholesterol med, a diabetes med, and a massive vitamin D supplement. Can vitamin D deficiency cause fatigue? I donít remember what she said. (My memory sucks.)

Iím slowly finding ways to cope with this deep body exhaustion. Donít nap during the day on weekends (thatís hard). Eat celery while driving to keep from drowsing. Things like that.

Thanks for listening.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Fri Aug 30, 2013, 10:32 AM (20 replies)

Game Show Answers

Unfortunately the sound is very inconsistent. I couldn't watch the whole thing because I couldn't adequately regulate the sound (I am at work). But -- funny!

Q. Name a yellow fruit.

A. Orange.

Q. Name something you wouldnít want the police to find in the trunk of your car.

A. Pickles.

Q. Name a kind of bear.

A. Papa.

Q. Name something people take to the beach.

A. Turkey.

Q. Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house.

A. ďNekkid Grandma!Ē

Posted by Bertha Venation | Thu Aug 29, 2013, 11:37 AM (9 replies)

goofy stuff that comes to me when I'm exhausted

Yesterday I was typing a memo for my boss and ended a paragraph thus: "I will bring these to you with your coffee at 10:30." I never take coffee to any of my bosses, and the memo didn't say the boss needed anything taken to him.

So very, very tired.

Do you do weird things like this when you're tired?
Posted by Bertha Venation | Wed Aug 28, 2013, 08:01 AM (3 replies)

Update on the stealing from Mrs. V.'s mom

OP here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1018461024

We won't know until we see the tapes, but things now point to the culprit being her caregiver. Things like mom looking everywhere for her debit card, and Mary (the caregiver) suddenly and quickly coming up with it. "Here it is!" I can imagine her saying. It is hard not to jump to conclusions but I admit I have already jumped.

Mrs. V. is in touch with the local police and they've opened an investigation. She also notified Mary's employer, who will run their own investigation. Even if it turns out that she is not the thief, mom needs someone new. Mrs. V. talked to her mom on Sunday and asked what she'd been doing that day. Cleaning her stove, cleaning the microwave, doing laundry . . . . Those are all Mary's tasks. Those are among her duties. It is not her job, Mrs. V. told her mom, to keep mom company.

Mom is beside herself with worry, though, because she cares about Mary and doesn't want to see her go to jail. It's very sad.

I hope the investigation goes swiftly. Please keep a good thought for Mrs. V., and send her some vibes. She is all torn up about this. She's in a really bad way. Thanks.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Mon Aug 26, 2013, 02:25 PM (7 replies)

Do you know of a card game that involves spoons?

Posted by Bertha Venation | Fri Aug 23, 2013, 07:30 PM (7 replies)
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