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Bertha Venation

Profile Information

Name: Bertha. What else?
Gender: Female
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Home country: home, sweet home
Current location: Fountain Valley, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 15, 2003, 09:30 PM
Number of posts: 21,484

Journal Archives

Mrs. Venation's mom passed away yesterday.

Alice had been ill, so fragile, for a few years. Kathy's dad died in July, and mom declined dramatically since then.

We were on our way from Maryland to Kathy's home of east Tennessee when Alice took a drastic downward turn. We got to the hospital just a couple of hours before mom died. She waited for Kathy.

Mom went peacefully. Kathy was holding her hand when she died. She was unconscious, but when Kathy talked to her, mom squeezed her hand.

Alice's mom died on Christmas day when Alice was five. Strange how a coincidence like this can be so significant, but of course it is.

Please keep Kathy in your thoughts. Thank you.

Godspeed, Alice. You were one of a kind, and one of the kindest women in the history of mankind.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Fri Dec 26, 2014, 10:49 AM (27 replies)

Help! Need assistance in shopping for a six-year-old girl.

She wants "stylish-looking grown-up clothes." And dress boots. I have no idea where to begin.

Can anyone point me to some sites where I can get such clothes? Help!

Mrs. V's grand niece is six, with flaxen hair and blue eyes. She lives in eastern Tennessee, is already a cheerleader, and is already a diva. She's a delight.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Sat Dec 13, 2014, 05:34 PM (7 replies)

resume advice


For the last 13 years, I worked as a legal secretary. In July I left my job. After caring for my wife post-back surgery, I began looking for a job near home.

I've applied for over 40 jobs since then, admin, clerical, and secretarial jobs, jobs I know I would kill, I mean I would just knock it out of the park.

I haven't had one single bite. Not a reply email, not a phone call, and in all but four cases, not even a "thanks but no thanks."

I am imagining that employers see 13 years in legal and don't look any further. This is very frustrating because I have the skills and experience all of these employers require! And I'm drawing on 20 years' admin and 15 before that in jobs so varied that it's nearly impossible to quantify their value to what I have to offer.

My resume is pretty standard: employers/experience first, then skills. I am wondering if I could make my resume unconventional, put a summary of experience and skills first, then just a list of employers and dates. Or something like that. What do you think?

Any advice for me other than re: resume?

Is there a relevant forum I can cross-post this to?

Edit: I am not looking for work as a legal secretary.
Posted by Bertha Venation | Thu Dec 4, 2014, 11:20 AM (13 replies)
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