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Rethinking the first debate.

Today, I've been pondering the President's nodding and taking notes at the first Presidential debate. At the time, I thought perhaps he was allowing Romney to put as much on the table as possible, gathering information about his latest positions so he could come back hard in the second debate. Some call it rope a dope. Others poke fun, suggesting that Obama supporters liken him to a Jedi Master.

Upon further consideration, I believe we simply have a President who listens and gathers information before acting on it. He researches and carefully plans his course. ... Today, when I think about his first performance, I hear the words “Please continue, Governor,” ringing in my ears.

Anyone else putting the first debate into greater context, today?

George Will: ‘This Was Immeasurably The Best Debate’ I Have Ever Seen

“I think there was a winner in the sense that Barack Obama not only gained ground he lost but he cauterized some wounds that he inflicted on himself by seeming too diffident and disengaged.”

“It was a very good fight,” he added. “I have seen every presidential debate in American history since the floor of Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. This was immeasurably the best.”

“I think as a tactical measure tonight, the president did very well,” he concluded.

Wow! To win "the best debate in American history" is uh, quite impressive.

Video here: > http://www.mediaite.com/tv/george-will-this-was-immeasurably-the-best-debate-i-have-ever-seen/

Geraldo Rivera's bizarre tweet - congratulating the President tonight:

"I don't support equal pay for women, but I'll let them go home to make dinner."

Paul Ryan preparing to watch tonight's debate - photo.

Romney Chameleon ~ Video

I think a Liberal PAC should run a version of this. It's a catchy song that will resonate with voters, IMHO.

Pew - American's believe that Romney is stronger on the economy/budget and taxes? Time for truth!

Polling dates (10/4-10/7) 2012

"Regardless of who you support, which one of the presidential candidates -- Mitt Romney or Barack Obama -- do you think would do the better job of [see below]?" Options rotated. 9/12 & earlier: "... would do the best job of ..."

"Improving the job situation"

Romney 49 %
Obama 41 %

Truth: During Governor Romney’s term, Massachusetts fell to 47th out of 50 states in job creation, while the overall U.S. economy grew.

By the end of Governor Romney’s term, Massachusetts had lost more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs—a rate twice the national average.

"Reducing the federal budget deficit"

Romney 51%
Obama 36%

Truth: Long-term debt increased by 16% in just four years, leaving Massachusetts with the highest debt per person in the nation.

"Dealing with taxes"

Romney 47%
Obama 43%

Truth: During his first year in office, Governor Romney proposed higher fees for hospitals, nursing homes, motor vehicles, buying a house, the blind, and disabled people. During that first year, Massachusetts increased fees more than any other state in the nation.

After increasing fees and taxes for middle-class families and businesses, Governor Romney pushed through a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited 278 of the state’s wealthiest individuals, costing taxpayers more than $75 million.

Granted - "PU" Changed their party ID percentages, dramatically from September to October, according to the Obama camp...

An Obama campaign official pointed to a shift in the party identification percentages used in Pew's mid-September poll compared to the poll released Monday.

The earlier comprised 39% Democrats, 29% Republicans and 30% independents, while Monday's poll included 31% Democrats, 36% Republicans and 30% independents.

"This is far bigger than any one-month change in party ID ever reported by Pew in the past," the Obama campaign official said.

Regardless, I hope the Obama camp leaves no stone unturned, in swing states. I hope they hit Rmoney hard on each and every one of these issues, and then some.

"BIDEN'D" - Huffpo front page


Perfect headline!

Why not to believe the latest Mason/Dixon Florida Poll - showing Rmoney up by 7

Las Vegas Sun - November - 2010

... This isn’t the first time the R-J, which uses Washington-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, has published polls that ran far afield of Election Day results. And, the results always seem to skew Republican.

In 2008, the R-J’s final poll had Barack Obama beating John McCain in Nevada by 4 percentage points. Obama won by 12.5. A late poll in 2004 had President George W. Bush beating Sen. John Kerry by 10. Bush won by 3.

The R-J and its pollster were criticized in October 2008 when it polled in two of Nevada’s congressional races, using fewer than 300 respondents in each race. A polling expert with Pew Research Center said he had never seen published polls with such small sample sizes. Polls with fewer respondents are cheaper to conduct, but also mean a greater margin of error.

These polls can matter because, as one Democratic operative complained, they can have the effect of self-fulfilling prophecy, depressing campaign donors and volunteers and infusing Democratic voters with apathy.

...Republican operatives snicker with some glee at the R-J polls, which can provide a lift by energizing donors and volunteers.

As for the polls’ accuracy, however, one Republican operative was blunt. Campaigns pay good money for good data. As for Mason-Dixon polling, he said: “I wouldn’t pay for them.”

Mitt Romney debates himself

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