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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2003, 02:47 PM
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Questions Dir. Comey didn't answer - Can anyone here answer?

Specifically, two questions.

1.) Why did Sec. Clinton have the email server at a semi-residential location?

I call it semi-residential due to the presence of Secret service and thus much greater security than a regular residence.

Honestly, if it was located at a government location, I would suspect the server would be a far easier target for hacking. Not by a foreign government or entity, but by a Republican operative working on the inside. And let's face it, Sec. Clinton has a lot of enemies based solely on politics, therefore this factor must be considered as a possible scenario for Sec. Clinton as well as the State Department. If the server was instead physically located at a government facility, it's far easier for someone (with politically based motivation) to access it and potentially load a backdoor password, then the RNC (and possibly others) would have some interesting reading every day. Watergate for the modern world.

2.) What security measures were utilized on Sec. Clinton's private email server?

It seems blanket assertions were made than it lacked the security of a server located on government property or ones used for GMail, but what security did it have? I would think it has far better security than, for example, PGP, but I don't know for sure. If it lacked sufficient encryption and other security measures, that would be a huge AND legitimate scandal. Was that assertion made?

As a technical matter of law, there might have been issues of concern which Dir. Comey has recommended not to bother with. But with regard to the claims of recklessness and carelessness that were made that might weaken our national security, I don't find those claims legitimate without answers to those two questions.

Your responses are welcome.
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