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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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Voting a straight dem ticket ???

Has anyone else heard some rumblings about how voting a straight democratic ticket in some states may not be inclusive of a vote for Obama?

I saw that somewhere but didn't want to believe it so I don't have a source. I only had seen it one time and had not ever voted a straight ticket.

This morn I've seen several threads wherein people were reporting happily that they had voted straight dem and that got me wondering what up with the straight ticket option?

Ya never know with these nefarious ever so hackable EVM's.

This may help. . .


"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em"

This is a revision from '06 posted in GD.


"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em"

"If they can rig 'em. . .Maybe we can fix 'em" (revised)

Pssssssssst. . . .

This may seem irrational but here's something very simple we all can do. . .

Every time you feel the intense sorrow, anger, or frustration about anticipating the possibility of yet another contrived defeat, consider stiffening your spine, focusing your mind, and saying aloud or thinking really loudly and firmly. . .

"I'm creating with spirit that any malicious code implanted or hidden in the vote tally counting software be neutralized during this election, and any malfeasance, example gratia : suppression, flipping, or spoilage, that does occur be so blatant that it will be detected, exposed and corrected immediately, so that the true will of the people will be revealed and truly representative leadership may be re inspired."

Or perhaps, "I'm creating with spirit that the results of this election will be fair and inclusive of each and every vote cast."

(feel free to modify as you feel is appropriate)

You see very simply, if they can rig 'em maybe we can fix 'em. . .with our hearts and minds.

If there is any facet of technology that could be influenced by consciousness it would more than likely be computers. Most of us have personally experienced inexplicable technical anomalies in the past.

Of course this suggestion may sound irrational but so are those who are determined to thwart the will of the majority and the long term greater good. They have consistently refuted all rational tools and arguments, even when based on heaps of compelling evidence, and have done so with presumed impunity. "Fact checkers be damned."

They simply dismiss and marginalize our claims as being "reality based." TRANSLATION: They are using low level magic and mind control. They are masterful at "group think." We have not been so but perhaps we can focus at least for the next 48 hours or so. Theirs' is based on greed, falsity and fear whereas if we draw from truth and love and humor, can you imagine what may be possible. . ?

Having approached the issue of election integrity from every imaginable traditional angle for nearly 4 years, and having written to every pundit, plutocrat, and politician of whom I could think, to virtually no avail, this may be one method of recourse that won't take years of legislative and legal wrangling to remedy this most precarious situation.


This is an alternative to worrying and at the very least, can dispel a whole lot of angst amongst each and every one of us.

Oh and it was suggested to me that I include a visualization for those who are more visually oriented as well. One of our wiser scribes suggested a visualization as well.

Consider envisioning the most mindful, honest, and reverent steward of our country and by extension, our planet, being inaugurated in January.

DISCLAIMER: This suggestion is supplementary to more conventional forms of activism and is by no means intended to replace those intrepid and thoroughly essential efforts.

FYI: This was revised from the '06 midterms. "Oooga, Booga, Smooga, Woooga" to all those who participated in that utterly hilarious thread.

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