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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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I've said this before. Too big to fail. Is too big to bail. Assholes do this.

Most human beings wouldn't.

John Edwards

Imagine if you will. . . a man who was completely well intended deeply inspired to serve after the death of his son.

Who once had an election to the second highest office in the land. Who upon seeing the election stolen, found out his kind wife of 30 years had terminal cancer.

None of us can well imagine those circumstances.

How can him seeking comfort be criminal?

It's repercussions had him seeking support for his subsequent paramour and resulting child.

None of us have walked in his shoes.

BTW- I was never swayed by him. But I know a bum deal when I see one.

He is not a criminal.

He may have had a breakdown. And who wouldn't have in those circumstances ? It's not criminal IMHO. It's human.
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