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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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Just a thought. . .for Malala

I'm deeply compelled to share something that occurred to me after hearing that in all our illustriously ingenious "exceptional" wisdom, we've created a 34 million dollar "central command center" in SE Afghanistan for which we no longer have any use whatsoever.

So it's supposed to be destroyed. Repurposing is not seen as an option because it's wired with 110 voltage and is largely powered by diesel fuel. Apparently the Afghans don't have a whole lot of access to diesel.

Welp I was thinking this "state of the art" folly could be repurposed to *really* help the Afghan children.

If we really want to redeem our dubious global reputation we should give it to Malala.

for her birthday (on the intentional level) and as a rather grand peace offering to the world.

Yeah. I know she's Pakistani.

Still, I feel a young courageous & wise Pakistani girl knows far better than we ever could when it comes to the needs of Afghani kids.

It could become an educational community center.

I'm sure there are plenty of people in that part of the world and elsewhere that can manage the electrical conversion and can supply boatloads of diesel for a noble cause.

Anyone who agrees with this notion and thinks it might be at all feasible then consider passing it along.

If you want to flame me for it. I'll ignore you so there. Silly me & toodles.

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