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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
Number of posts: 14,881

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"political correctness"

Heard the blow hard carnival barker decry "political correctness" as being onerously time consuming (paraphrased).

Hah !!!

When genuinely heartfelt, "political correctness" (aka basic human consideration) is instantaneously effortless.

Not remotely Conservative but entirely Regressive

A Divisive Ruse: Regressives masquerading as Conservatives

Disingenuous nomenclature has long troubled me.

Language can have an elegance, yet we are tediously bombarded with its complete bastardization.

In a land once lauded as one “of the the lively discussion” we have somehow morphed into ghastly dualistic shadow boxing riddled with gross misrepresentations and complete idiocy..

To quell this overwhelming trend. . .

Kindly consider refraining from referring to the opposition as being comprised of "conservatives." They are *not* conserving anything but their own wealth & power, and that of their donors & cronies. They are REGRESSIVES who wish to reestablish a two class society amongst other tired and unjust repressive notions. They are at best, feudal.

True conservatives would prioritize real fiscal responsibility, education, compromise over conflict, adherence to the rule of law, protection of all of our delicate ecosystems, legislation representative of constituents not self aggrandized donors, never mistake profit machines as human beings, nor currency as elocution.

The only appropriate response to the trope of “tax & spend” democrats is. . .”What. . .? Do you much prefer loot & waste.” I would now amend that by pointing out that taxing & spending is a primary function of most governance.
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