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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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Gee whizzzzz ~

Does anyone happen to remember this epic moment . . .?


followed by this. . .


Now, isn't it odd that voter affiliations of primarily Sanders supporters have mysteriously been switched in Arizona, and reportedly in other closed primary states.

Kinda makes one wonder . . .

The hack never could have possibly happened the other way 'round.



“nam myoho renge kyo”

5 Primaries: Exit Poll Discrepancies and Win Probabilities

"This is a summary exit poll analysis of the March 15 Democratic exit polls. Clinton won the recorded vote in the five elections.

The exit polls indicate that Sanders won MO (80% probability) and IL (74%).

There was a 10% discrepancy in the OH exit poll from the recorded vote. The probability that the discrepancy was due to chance is 1 in 976."


here's some levity. . .

curious stats in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

MA Primary: Unadjusted Exit poll Indicates Bernie won

MA Primary: Another Stolen Election

Mar.2, 2016

Just like the MA 2014 Governor race, the primary was likely stolen.
The exit poll, AS ALWAYS, was adjusted to match the recorded vote

Clinton won the RECORDED (bogus) vote (1406 respondents) by 50.3-48.7%
In the exit poll of 1297 respondents, Sanders led at 8:01 pm by 52.3-45.7%

But how could Clinton gain 114 respondents and Sanders just 7 among the final 109?

This is 2004 all over again. Kerry led by 51-48% after the first 13047 respondents, but Bush by 50.8-48.3% at 13660 respondents. When the unadjusted exit poll became available years later, we found that Kerry won the 13660 respondents 51.7-47.0%.

The probability that Sanders won: 99% (given the 2.72% Margin of Error)
Win prob= 99.2% = normdist (.534,.5, Moe/1.96,true)


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