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Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em. . ."

Some of you might remember this "OBSW" approach from the midterms in '06. . .

"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em. . ."

Pssssssssst. . . .

This may seem irrational but here's something very simple we all can do. . .

Every time you feel the intense sorrow, anger, or frustration about anticipating the possibility of yet another contrived defeat, consider stiffening your spine, focusing your mind, and saying aloud or thinking really loudly and firmly. . .

"I'm creating with spirit that any malicious code implanted or hidden in the vote tally counting software be neutralized during these primaries, and any malfeasance, suppression, flipping, or spoilage, that does occur be so blatant that it will be detected, exposed and corrected immediately, so that the true will of the people will be revealed and real justice can be established."

Or perhaps, "I'm creating with spirit that the true intent of all the voters be made manifest in the official vote tallies”
(feel free to modify however you feel is appropriate)

You see very simply, if they can rig 'em, maybe we can fix 'em. . .with our hearts and minds.

If there is any facet of technology that could be influenced by consciousness it would more than likely be computers. Most of us have personally experienced inexplicable technical anomalies in the past.

Of course it sounds irrational but so are those who are determined to thwart the will of the majority, and the long term greater good. They have consistently refuted all rational tools and arguments, even when based on heaps of compelling evidence, and have done so with presumed impunity.

They simply dismiss and marginalize our claims as being “delusional”. TRANSLATION: They are using low level magic and mind control. They are masterful at "group think." We have not been so but perhaps we can focus at least for the next 48 hours or so. Theirs' is based on falsehood (eg. mdm’s alleged inevitability) and fear. Whereas if we draw from truth and love and humor, can you imagine what may be possible. . ?

Having approached the issue of election integrity from every imaginable traditional angle since HAVA, and having written to every pundit, plutocrat, and politician of whom I could think, to virtually no avail, this may be one method of recourse that won't take years of legislative and legal wrangling to remedy this most perilous situation.

It's worth a shot I figure.

Oh and it was suggested to me that I include a visualization for those who are more visually oriented as well.
Consider envisioning the most mindful, reverent steward of our country and by extension, our planet being inaugurated in January.

RELEVANT ADDENDUM: “I’m creating with spirit that the true nature of last December’s hack to the DNC voter files be revealed.”

DISCLAIMER: These gentle suggestions are supplementary to more conventional forms of GOTV activism and is by no means intended to replace those intrepid and essential efforts. Amazingly, humans can walk & chew bubble gum too."


We’re 47th !!! We’re 47th !!! We’re 47th !!!

Saw an article the other day which rated electoral integrity among democracies. It said we ranked 47th out of the 47 democracies researched.

Lost the link so cannot provide specific attribution. This one is fairly similar : http://www.fairvote.org/american_elections_ranked_worst_among_older_democracies_here_s_why

Predictably, a couple of taunting threads were posted speculating that after last night, there would be no accusations of all too common election shenanigans since Bernie won WI.

Such spuriously speculative accusations completely belie *the* greater truth.

That is ~ we just have atrociously compromised & insecure voting devices & procedures. For a country who prides itself on its exceptionalism & proclaims to spread democracy around the world, our elections undermine our credibility tremendously.

No one who is saddened by the chronic dearth of truly representative leadership & egregious dysfunctionality in our governance can really feel 100% confident that their vote matters.

Our system is terribly flawed. From the electoral college, to super delegates, to winner-take-all statewide delegates, every vote has a likelihood of dilution if not elimination or “spoilage”.

By now, most are aware of the purposeful contrivances of gerrymanderering, long lines, & prohibitive voter ID requirements.

Fewer are aware that the technology frantically adopted after the spectacle of butterfly ballots when HAVA was passed, & our voting apparatus was awarded to private interests and usurped from the public oversight. The optical scanners vote tallying software & touchscreens were quickly proven to be highly hackable. Now that they are more than a decade old, they are also degraded.

The only new wrinkle is the curious switching of party affiliation in closed primary states. Life long Democrats have been disenfranchised.

So puerile disparagement of the sincere scrutiny of vote totals is uninformed of the extraordinarily complex systems in place, that irretrievably thwart the intent of the voter.

We all desperately need an upgrade !!!

Just sayin’

DISCLAIMER: This is not posted to discourage voting in any way shape or form. To the contrary, the greater the turnout, the greater the likelihood of the will of the majority finding expression despite all the obstruction.

Here are some other links that address our sorry state of electoral matters.





Oh & by the way the pre election & exit poll number crunchers are reporting that more than 10% of Bernie’s lead in WI just went “poof.” (a la Kerry’s lead in the swing states in ’04 & Obama's mega landslides)

“nam myoho renge kyo”

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