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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 09:22 AM
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Kamala/Pete or Pete/Kamala 2020?

Could this combination be our power ticket?

Just switched my selection to Pete because he's for abolishing the electoral college

That's hands down my #1 issue. NONE of our goals will matter if we don't first get our electoral system under control. When a clown like trump can rule after losing by over 3 million votes, something is wrong. We're not a democracy, we're a joke!

A Corey and Kamala ticket. How do you think it would do?

Honestly, it's my dream ticket for many substantial reasons... but also a petty one: It would be a big F-U to trump and his sexist/racist minions.

I was confident he'd be removed after the taxscam passed.

But then as more time went by, I realized that putin isn't the only one doing the blackmailing.

WOW! I'm glad he was caught. I saw the special on him

accidentally, a few weeks back. As far as the DNA method used---though I'm not a criminal, I decided not to get my ancestry tested until congress steps in with regulation for this industry. We already have Google and Facebook running amok with our data, the last thing I want to do is add my DNA into the mix.

I was curious, but the people who have the info don't answer questions

A few years ago, I tried to get more information from my maternal grandmother with no luck. Same thing with my oldest living aunt on my dad's side. For whatever reason, they are incapable (or don't want to) answer basic questions about their lineage.

I probably would have ordered a DNA kit if it were cheaper--thing is, I don't think I'd get enough answers by testing myself. My parents are from 2 different continents. I'd probably learn more from testing them. But after seeing a video about the sketchiness of how our DNA would be secured, I don't think I'm going to bother.

Bill DeBlasio 2020? What do you think?

Here is his interview from this morning:

I think he could win.

Does anyone have tips on how to NOT get my emotions involved re: Trump?

Serious question. I'm so full of anger towards trump, his enablers, and defenders. I find myself yelling at the TV, yelling at pundits, etc. I have to separate myself somehow. But I don't know how. Taking a break from the news doesn't help because friends or family pull me right back in to the 24-7 reality show, and then I have to catch up with at least a dozen events that I missed during the brief break.

Is it even possible to remove my emotions while witnessing this slow motion train wreck? When it's still not clear that the election was even legitimate? I'm at a loss but I don't like feeling this way. It's taking a toll, mentally and physically.

Montel Williams ripping Trump & Kelly to shreds on CNN (video):



Trying to understand the NFL boos: Do "fans" want players to be seen & not heard?

My first thought when the Cowboys were booed and criticized for taking a knee while standing for the anthem was that the fans were racist. But then why are racists going to see mostly black NFL teams?

Kirsten Powers (CNN) raised a good point just now: if fans had even a tiny amount of respect for these players, wouldn't they be curious about how the players feel and what their views are? Instead, these so called fans want the players to STFU and entertain them. To be seen but not heard. Really, to even die for their entertainment (CTE).
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