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Fla Dem

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston Area
Home country: USA
Current location: NE Floriduh
Member since: Sun Nov 2, 2003, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 22,108

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You hit the nail on the head. DU has been infiltrated by hired GOP disruptors.

I don't doubt there are genuine fervent Bernie supporters, probably a lot from the OWS crowd. But the hate and venom against Hillary is so over the top it can only be GOP disruptors trying to drive a wedge between true Hillary and Bernie supporters. True progressives would not try to kill one of their own even if they are not as progressive as they would like in order to bolster their nominee. In the chance (a very big chance) Hillary may be the candidate, why would any progressive/liberal want to tear down their candidate before the convention. The GOP will have a fine time trying to do that during the general election. I just hate to see individuals from our own side giving them the ammunition.


Iowa Democratic Caucus....................Gravis.................Clinton 49, Sanders 31, O'Malley 10.......Clinton +18
New Hampshire Democratic Primary...... ARG.................Sanders 43, Clinton 46, O'Malley 3.........Clinton +3
S Carolina Democratic Primary...... CBS News/YouGov......Clinton 67, Sanders 31, O'Malley 2.........Clinton +36

The good news, we've only got 2 more months to deal with it. By March 5th many major primaries elections will be concluded and a clear front runner will emerge.

Date (all 2016) State


Monday, February 1 Iowa caucus
Tuesday, February 9 New Hampshire
Saturday, February 20 Nevada caucus (Dem) South Carolina (GOP)
Tuesday, February 23 Nevada caucus (GOP)
Saturday, February 27 South Carolina (Dem)


Tuesday, March 1(Super Tuesday)
Alaska (GOP)
Colorado caucuses
Minnesota caucuses

Saturday, March 5
Kansas caucus,
Kentucky (GOP caucus)
Nebraska (Dem caucus)

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