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Fla Dem

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston Area
Home country: USA
Current location: NE Floriduh
Member since: Sun Nov 2, 2003, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 22,142

Journal Archives

If someone is coming to your house just make sure he's in a room with the door closed.

It sounds as if he knows his way home and will eventfully make his way back. But there's always the chance he could get hurt, hit by a car or maybe someone else takes him in.

My heart was broken when I had my first cat. He stayed in the house, but in the morning he'd want to go out. Rarely out for longer than 1/2 an hour. Would always come back and sit by the back porch screen door. Well one morning he didn't come back before I was ready to leave for work. So I propped open the screen so he could get back on the porch and left a bowl of food and water. I fully expected to come home from work and find him curled up on one of the porch chair. Well he wasn't. For weeks I left that porch door open and at night turned on the porch light. But he never returned. Several months later I was transferred. Had to sell the house and relocate. I felt I was abandoning him. I swear, as I drove away from my house for the last time I saw Spooky sitting on the hillside behind my house. I turned my car around and drove back into the driveway, got out and ran behind the house. He was no where to be seen. Was it him? A ghost? Or my imagination? I'll never know. But I loved that cat. He'd curl up in my lap and sleep on my pillow at the top of my head. I've never forgot him.

So point of story, I've never let another cat out of the house.

So many good Foreign Crime series.

Scott & Bailey British 5 Seasons Amazon Prime British
Silent Witness British 23 Seasons. Several cases per season, usually 2 episodes per case. My go to when there's not much else available, or my brain is tired.
Unforgotten British 4 Seasons, Starring Nicola Walker. Excellent!

The Valhalla Murders Iceland Limited Series, 1 Season
Happy Valley British 2 Seasons
Unit 42, Belgium 1 Season
Criminal, Different Series for UK, Ger, Fr Spain. So far only UK has had a 2nd season.
Bordertown, Finnish, 3 seasons
Broadchurch British, 3 Seasons 3 great actors: David Tennant, Olivia Coleman (Currently starring in "The Crown" as Queen Elizabeth) and Jodie Whittaker currently starring in Dr. Who from 2017 to present.
Money Heist Spain 4 Seasons
Deadwind Scandinavian 2 Seasons

Guess that's enough to get you through the winter!!

Unfortunately Line of Duty looks like it was dropped by Netflix, don't know where it ended up.

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