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Fla Dem

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston Area
Home country: USA
Current location: NE Floriduh
Member since: Sun Nov 2, 2003, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 22,151

Journal Archives

The simplest and best site I've used is https://postimages.org/


It is sooo easy.

1. Go to their page
2. Click on "Choose Image"
3. Open your picture file
4. Double Click on the picture you want
5. A new page will open on postimage
6. Copy the "Direct Link"
7. Paste the direct Link in your email, post, whatever.

You do have to have the picture in your picture file, so copy the picture from imgur and save in your picture file.

Just my musing on giving hearts.

On one hand giving hearts to the more "popular" DUer's is to show appreciation for what they bring to our community, be it humor, animal /pet related posts, interesting stories, their daily insights, political analysis and opinion, or just great folks who post alot. We see their names and we know them. We give them hearts just like we would to our friends.

On the other hand, we have the less active posters and newer members who are not as well known. They post occasionally even though they may read DU everyday. I'm sometimes surprised when I see a low post count, and yet the person has been registered on DU for 10+ years. Or the newbies who haven't quite yet got their feet wet and found their place among our more prolific posters.

So yes, I truly appreciate our top tier members who provide so much enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking material every single day. But my 50 hearts went to anyone who had less than 3. They are just as valuable members and I'd like them to feel appreciated as well.
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