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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: DC
Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 33,225

About Me

I was born in Brooklyn, Trump was born in Queens. The only thing that makes people think I'm an H-1b stealing jobs from Americans is that my Grandparents immigrated from India, while Drumpf's immigrated from Germany. It's race, not citizenship. Americans are more diverse than you think. Millions of US citizens don't look the way you might expect. This fact is very important and will help us win elections.

Journal Archives

Die, robocalls, die: A how-to guide to stop spammers and exact revenge


We tested six apps and services to find the best way to fight back against bots, telemarketers and fraud.

“Call me, maybe?” is on the brink of becoming “Call me, never.”

Robocalls, those computer-generated shysters, are making some people stop answering the phone altogether. The rest of us trust unknown calls about as much as truck-stop sushi. By several estimates, Americans got more than 5.2 billion automated calls in March — a record of about 16 for every man, woman and child.

It’s happening because the Internet made it incredibly cheap and easy to place thousands of calls in an instant. But we don’t have to just bury our heads in the spam and take it. While lawmakers debate what to do about the robo-scourge, engineers have cooked up clever ways to make bots work for us, not against us. Verizon just started offering free spam-fighting technology like AT&T and T-Mobile, if you sign up. The right app or service on your phone can make it safer to say hello again — or even extract revenge.

Yes, revenge.

So let’s battle, bots. I collected dozens of robocalls from my Washington Post colleagues along with the (good grief) 30 I received in March. I get lots in Chinese. One colleague gets one for a “medical-grade brace” he definitely doesn’t need. Then I took this list of 100 naughty numbers — and a few legitimate calls such as pharmacies and schools — to six tech companies that flag and block robocalls on cellphones: Hiya, Nomorobo, RoboKiller, TNS, Truecaller and YouMail. (Landlines and VoIP phones also get barraged, but some of the solutions are different.)

My test lasers in on one important question: Who was first at identifying the bad guys? I discovered no service could flag more than two-thirds of the calls on my list, in part because so many robocalls spoof their identities. Those are the calls that look conspicuously similar to your number, or that copy the caller ID of some poor soul who gets lots of angry return calls.

WhatsApp now has a tip line for Indian election misinformation


New Delhi (CNN Business)WhatsApp has a new strategy for tackling misinformation during India's election: crowdsourcing.

The company is offering its 200 million users in India a new tip line where they can send in messages, pictures or videos they want fact-checked. A "verification center" will respond to the user, indicating whether the information is true, false, misleading or disputed.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has developed the tip line, known as Checkpoint, in partnership with an Indian startup. It will be available in English and four Indian languages — Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam.

WhatsApp is hoping to use the new service to broaden its fight against fake news during an election that's viewed as a key test of whether social media platforms can prevent the spread of rumors and hoaxes.

"The challenge of viral misinformation requires more collaborative efforts and cannot be solved by any one organization alone," the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

WhatsApp, Facebook (FB) and other social networks like Twitter (TWTR) have taken several steps to try and prevent their platforms from being used to spread misinformation during India's election, the world's biggest exercise in democracy. They've limited message forwarding, banned fake accounts, labeled political advertising and partnered with fact-checking websites.

Fact checking sounds like a good idea for elections. We should get something like this for our 2020 election.
Posted by IronLionZion | Tue Apr 2, 2019, 02:31 PM (0 replies)

The future of the American economy is Hispanic and female


New York (CNN Business)Tuesday commemorates Equal Pay Day, which represents the number of days into the year that American women would have to work in order to catch up to what men made the year before.

But for Hispanic women, that day won't come until November.
The wage gap for women who identify as "Hispanic or Latino" is larger than that of any other racial or ethnic group tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the median, they earn 63 cents for every dollar American men earn, compared to 81 cents for women overall.

While the wage gap is a blunt metric and doesn't account for differences in occupation between men and women, it has nevertheless become a powerful symbol of how far women remain behind men in terms of earning power.
In the US economy, Hispanic women have long earned some of the lowest wages among women — but now, there are signs they could start to catch up quickly.

About 70% of Hispanic and Latina women between ages 25 and 54, have a job or are looking for one. While that's still lower than the broader population — about 83% of all prime-age working people participate in the labor force — Latinas are now the only demographic group to surpass their previous record for labor force participation in the early 2000s.

And with a median age of 29 years, almost a decade younger than the average US woman, Hispanic women's earning power has a lot of room to run.

There are some good graphs at the link. US Citizens are diversifying at a pace and scale that makes Trump supporters very uncomfortable. Part of the reason people will be surprised by the Asian numbers is the perpetual foreigner myth. Millions of Indian-American US citizens are still assumed to be H-1Bs.

Enjoy this quote from someone, but probably not Mark Twain:
"It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so."
Posted by IronLionZion | Tue Apr 2, 2019, 11:34 AM (3 replies)

Employers Have Paid $5 Billion In H-1B Visa Fees Since 1999


Employers spend a lot of money to sponsor high-skilled foreign nationals on H-1B visas – and the costs continue to rise. These costs take on increased significance at a time of heightened government scrutiny over hiring high-skilled foreign nationals, particularly given that on April 1, 2019, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting H-1B applications for FY 2020.

“Employers have paid nearly $5 billion in mandated H-1B fees (currently $1,500 per a new or extended H-1B petition) that primarily fund scholarships for U.S. students and training for U.S. workers, a figure that rises to over $7 billion if one includes $1.6 billion in mandated anti-fraud fees and other government fees,” according to a new study from the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP).

Attorney costs and government fees range from $3,400 up to $16,560 for an initial H-1B petition and from $6,300 to $28,620 for the cost of both an initial H-1B petition and an extension. Note that employers also must pay an H-1B professional the higher of the prevailing wage or actual wage paid to “all other individuals with similar experience and qualifications for the specific employment in question.”

Since wait times for H-1B processing are typically 10 to 12 months, it is generally imperative for most employers to pay a $1,410 “premium processing” fee, which can guarantee a USCIS decision within 15 days. Companies can spend up to $4,500 in extra legal costs if a USCIS adjudicator issues a Request for Evidence, which government data show happened in 60% of completed cases in the 1st quarter of FY 2019.

There's a good table at the link showing the costs of H-1B ranging from $3,400 to $16,560 for initial H-1B petition; $6,300 to $28,620 combined cost of initial H-1B petition and extension.

Fun Fact: Employers don't have to pay any of that to hire US citizens like you, DUer! Apply for these jobs today. Take the jobs back that H-1Bs have been doing and show them some true American exceptionalism. Do it for America.

There are a lot of client services contracting jobs posted online and you can take these jobs back from H-1Bs. I can't do this by myself. I want more Americans in these jobs.

Get it DUers!
Posted by IronLionZion | Tue Apr 2, 2019, 07:44 AM (4 replies)

Ann Coulter vs Stephanie Miller (Full, Unedited Debate)

Posted by IronLionZion | Tue Apr 2, 2019, 07:28 AM (5 replies)
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