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IronLionZion's Journal
IronLionZion's Journal
March 2, 2022

Russian Influencer Posts TikTok Showing How to Drive 'Abandoned' APCs


This is Nastya Tuman, a car mechanic and influencer in Russia. According to a profile on Yandex, she learned to drive at the age of 18 and began working on cars because she was tired of mechanics ripping her off. Now she and her husband run multiple YouTube channels and social media accounts where she fixes cars and explains the basics of maintenance.

Tuman’s video comes at a time when reports are flooding social media about Russian soldiers running out of fuel or outright abandoning tanks and APCs in Ukraine. On Feb. 28, Russia’s state telecommunications regulator demanded that TikTok take steps to censor military content on its platform. The video went viral on Twitter Monday with some describing it as footage of a Ukrainian explaining how to pilot abandoned Russian military vehicles. That’s not quite what’s going on.

The video of Tuman in an APC is actually a year old. On February 23, 2021, she posted a video on Instagram of her driving a BTR-series APC in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day. The short video walks through the basics of starting up the APC and shows her briefly driving it.

On Feb. 27, Tuman posted a video to her TikTok account showing the same footage but with a different introduction. She’s pictured outside of the APC. “If you happen to find a free or abandoned armored personnel carrier, here’s a life-hack on how to start it,” she says in Russian. Then, like in the February 2021 video, she walks through the basics of operating the vehicle.

Could be useful for our Ukrainian allies, or even Russians if their soldiers have had enough of Putin.
March 2, 2022

All bets are off if Putin slashes the West's oil supplies


New York (CNN Business)Russia faces the specter of a full-blown financial meltdown. Punishing sanctions leveled by the West have sent the ruble crashing to record lows, shuttered Moscow's stock market and made Russian assets toxic on the world stage.

The White House has even taken aim at Vladimir Putin's financial fortress, removing access to at least a chunk of Russia's $630 billion rainy-day fund that was designed to cushion the economic blow of this very crisis.
Now comes the big question: How will Putin — who is also facing sanctions on his personal wealth from the West — fire back in what is rapidly morphing into economic warfare?

There is growing concern that Putin could retaliate by using not just natural gas but also crude oil as a weapon against the West.
"Russia's energy supplies are very much at risk, either due to being withheld by Russia as a weapon or swiped off the market due to sanctions," Louise Dickson, senior oil market analyst at Rystad Energy, wrote in a report Monday.

The worldwide supply of oil was already failing to keep up with demand. If Russia, the world's No. 2 oil producer, intentionally held back supply, it would likely send oil prices skyrocketing, dealing a painful blow to consumers around the world.

There are graphs at the link. Basically if Putin does it, he will be screwing himself a lot to screw the west. Russia will feel the pain more, and Putin seems to not mind pain.

And of course all this is happening as demand for oil is increasing as post-pandemic shipping, travel, and commuting increases.
February 28, 2022

Leaving Kyiv On A Refugee Train

Some Ukrainian refugees seem to be in good spirits
February 26, 2022

Elderly resident reprimands Russian soldiers: 'You have your own country'

I guess the elderly fellow has some cuss words so you have to click to watch on Youtube
February 23, 2022

Malcolm X Interchange Project Finished In Ward 8, Bringing Better Access

Malcolm X Interchange Project Finished In Ward 8, Bringing Better Access To Government Sites, New Trail


A new I-295 interchange and accompanying trail in Ward 8 is now complete and open.

The interchange on I-295 and Malcolm X Avenue has six new bridges and creates easier access for a growing area.

The three-year, $100 million project is near Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. It creates easier access to Department of Homeland Security headquarters, Coast Guard headquarters, and the St. Elizabeth redevelopment project — all of which have opened in the past decade.

District Department of Transportation Director Everett Lott said traffic congestion had gotten worse in the area.

“As Homeland Security, the Coast Guard were coming in, we needed to make sure we can release some of that pressure,” Lott said. “Making this project a reality has really improved how cars and motorists are going to be able to travel.

“And it’s really going to be a great asset for the community because now you get a new shared-use path that people can be able to walk, bike, scoot on, which is gonna be fantastic as well.”
February 19, 2022

A highway paved with recycled diapers may change the cloth vs. disposables debate


LLANARTH, Wales — No, it doesn’t smell like poop.

We thought it’d be worth preempting the obvious question even before describing how, in what might be a world-first, more than 100,000 dirty, disposable diapers — or “nappies,” as they are called here — are being used to help pave a road in west Wales.

This is a pilot project with intriguing environmental implications. A proliferation of diaper highways could reduce landfill waste — and influence parents around the globe weighing the vexingly difficult decision between cloth vs. disposables.

These particular diapers were rinsed — thoroughly, don’t worry. Then shredded into fibrous gray pellets and mixed with asphalt that a work crew clad in bright orange slathered over a 1.5-mile stretch of winding highway this week.

“You’re not sure what to expect when you turn up to a nappy road,” said Ben Lake, a politician who represents this area in Britain’s Parliament. But, taking a deep breath as he strolled alongside the freshly paved, still glistening road, he pronounced: “It smells like — road.”

Lake said the nappy road “could be a game-changer for how we approach infrastructure in Wales,” and while people could still be encouraged to shift to cloth diapers, this nonetheless helped to tackle the “here and now” problem of a mountain of disposables thrown away every year.

The article mentions projects in other countries using waste plastic to make longer lasting roads. The diaper idea is interesting since there is so much of it in western countries. They recycle diapers in Wales but nobody wants the recycled product, so they look to options like pavement.
February 17, 2022

Recent killings of Asian American women force Asians abroad to rethink their relationship with USA

Recent killings of Asian American women force Asians abroad to rethink their relationship with the U.S.


Eric Wu is like many other second-generation Asian Americans — he was born and raised in Seattle to Chinese immigrant parents seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

But the recent increase in anti-Asian hate incidents in the United States has prompted him to invert part of his family’s quintessential American immigrant story. Wu, 20, has decided to seek a better life for himself elsewhere, over safety concerns that have been elevated following headlines of gruesome killings of Asian Americans in New York.

“Every single week, you see a new attack in the news,” Wu said in a phone interview from London, where he attends college. “It angers me because you can see your grandparents, your parents or aunts or uncles or cousins or brothers or sisters” in the people who were killed, he said.

On Sunday, Christina Yuna Lee, a 35-year-old Korean American woman, was found stabbed to death in her New York City apartment. The man suspected of killing Lee had followed her into the apartment building from the street, according to surveillance video. And last month in New York, Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, was killed after being pushed onto the subway tracks.
February 13, 2022

'Conservative Barbie' Dunks On Herself

Yup, just rub it off

I don't openly advertise my Biden/Dem support but I don't ever have to hide it either. My mask and vaccine card are enough for people to know how I vote.
February 11, 2022

How Asian Parents Roast Your Dreams

I got way better outcomes in life as soon as I stopped telling my parents when I had job interviews.

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