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Hometown: Southwestern PA
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Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 07:36 PM
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If an H-1b has an American accent, they are probably not an H-1b. It's race, not citizenship. Americans are more diverse than you think. Millions of US citizens don't look the way you might expect. This fact is very important and will help us win elections.

Journal Archives

See what's happening in towns on front line as Russia forces 'staged' votes

Soldiers going house to house gently persuading people to vote. Yep, good thing Russia will protect Ukrainians from Nazis

AOC's Republican Challenger's Family Busted for Trafficking Drug & Guns

Radical leftist comrades?

Iranian women burn their hijabs as hundreds protest death of Mahsa Amini


(CNN)In the video, a massive crowd cheers as a woman lifts a pair of scissors to her hair -- exposed, without a hijab in sight. The sea of people, many of them men, roar as she chops off her ponytail and raises her fist in the air.

It was a powerful act of defiance Tuesday night in the Iranian city of Kerman, where women are required to wear hijabs (or headscarves) in public, as outrage over the death of a woman in police custody fuels protests across the country.

Iranian authorities said Wednesday that three people, including a member of the security forces, have been killed in the unrest, which has stretched into a fifth day.

Human rights groups have reported that at least seven people have been killed.
The death last week of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested in Tehran by morality police -- a dedicated unit that enforces strict dress codes for women, such as wearing the compulsory headscarf -- has sparked an outpouring anger over issues ranging from freedoms in the Islamic Republic to the crippling economic impacts of sanctions.

The protests are striking for their scale, ferocity and rare feminist nature; the last demonstrations of this size were three years ago, after the government hiked gas prices in 2019.

Further down in the article there are reports of some protesters being shot dead. Maybe it's time for another revolution to throw these bums out.

Woman Shares How She Went From A $28k Job To A $158k Job In 4 Years


It can be very easy to fall into the trap of feeling like your career has reached a dead end. You might be unsatisfied with your income, uninspired at work, and unmotivated to apply for other positions due to a perceived lack of skills. But as one TikToker would like to remind you: with a bit of hard work, you can always turn your career around.

Charlotte Chaze recently shared a video online explaining how she broke into the tech industry and increased her annual salary by $130k. Below, you can hear Charlotte’s full explanation and read some of the comments viewers have left, and by the end of this article, you might be feeling inspired to hop on LinkedIn and start applying for new opportunities as well. I hope that all of you pandas out there love your jobs, but if anyone is feeling like their career is in a rut, Charlotte’s advice might make a huge difference to you. Enjoy this article, and let us know in the comments if you have any more tips for breaking into the tech industry to share. Then if you’re looking for another Bored Panda article featuring job searching tips, check out this list next.

There are plenty of jobs out there and lots of free or low cost training. If someone is being rude to you for lack of experience, apply to their competitors. I've worked with people who look like bartenders think their ID is fake, and people who look like they're long past retirement age. My perennial excuse is that I look like an H1B, so I just put US citizen on top of my resume and force the security clearance discussion in every interview with tremendous results. When someone tells me I can't get the level of clearance I already have, I interview with their competitors.

This woman went from $28k Job To A $158k while looking like this:

You can do it. Believe in yourself.

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: The Trump Documents Scandal The Daily Show

Posted by IronLionZion | Thu Sep 8, 2022, 09:16 PM (3 replies)
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