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Member since: Mon Nov 17, 2003, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 14,925

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This tweet didn't age well.

4 days for crying out loud.


And the oozing Rudy tweets keep on coming.


Watch out Mitt!

Looks like you’ve got some serious competition next election!


Anti-masker gets arrested.


Somebody sounds nervous.


The madness of King Trump, America's sulky George III sequel

“He went mad and lost America”. A conventional summary of King George III, the tragic figure who took on the colonies, sending in his troops to “dominate” the streets and crush resistance. Alas, the war of independence didn’t end well, for George anyway. Defeated, bipolar, suffering frequent manic episodes, he retreated to Windsor Castle having nevertheless amassed an impressive library and a reputation for cultured intelligence.
A couple of centuries and 45 presidents later, Old King Trump sits barricaded in the White House doing nothing much. His face puckered into that trademark rosebud of petulance. Barking at underlings. Pretending HE won because a lot of Democrat votes were from dead people and very illegal. His sulky-toddler folded arms, like that time he refused to say a single kind word when fellow Republican and war hero John McCain died. There’s something almost majestic about Trump’s utter contempt for the office of president.
King Trump is George’s sequel, the comedy version, his self-parody marching preposterously across Twitter like the mayor of Munchkinland. Maybe when he finally accepts defeat he’ll retreat to Mar-a-Lago. OK, there’s no legacy library, but he has amassed an impressive $1bn in debts. Maybe Trump won’t be remembered for his cultured intelligence, but he can memorise “person, woman, man, camera, TV”. George wouldn’t even have understood what 40% of that list was, so who’s the dumbass?
Mad King Trump may not have conceded, but he seems to have lost all interest in anything presidential. He’s vaguely wondering if it’s worth bombing Iran, but mostly raging at the phantoms who “stole” his realm in a rigged election. William Thackeray wrote of George III: “All history presents no sadder figure than that of the old man, blind and deprived of reason, wandering through the rooms of his palace, addressing imaginary parliaments, reviewing fancied troops, holding ghostly courts …”
I wonder what the voices in Trump’s head are advising now? Retreat to civilian life again, with its legal perils and authorized memoirs? Or fight on as a heavily-photoshopped rebel king determined to leave as much wreckage and misery in opposition as he did in power?


Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat

As the virus heads into a winter surge, our defeated president tweets, plays golf and runs a money-raising scam

That is where we are: beyond counting, beyond being able to measure the tragedy and loss of COVID. Statistics can't do it for us anymore. We're reduced to comparisons, a doctor quoted in the New York Times on Thursday comparing 1,000 deaths a day to "two jumbo jets dropping from the sky. If every day, two jumbo jets would drop from the sky and kill everybody, don't you think that everybody would be in a panic?" asked Dr. Carlos del Rio, an infectious disease specialist at Emory University.

Well, no, doctor. Everybody is not in a panic, especially not our president, who with just over two months left in office played golf at his Virginia course last Saturday, a day that two jumbo jets dropped out of the sky with 1,007 dead of COVID, and Sunday, a day when only one jumbo jet dropped out of the sky with 464 dead. Nearly 126,000 new cases were diagnosed on Saturday, and 103,416 more Americans came down with the disease as Trump piloted his presidential golf cart around the links the next day.

It's an astounding fact that more than a million Americans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since Trump lost to Joe Biden on Election Day. More than 10,000 have died. And what is he doing in the White House? This week, he was busy firing the secretary of defense, Mark Esper, and installing two acolytes of the execrable Rep. Devin Nunes in important positions in our national security infrastructure.

Yes, you read that right. Trump appointed Ezra Cohen Watnick, one of the two snipe-hunters in the Trump White House who supplied Nunes with the "midnight run" secret papers he waved around during the early days of the Russia investigation in an attempt to prove that Obama's White House had "spied" on the Trump campaign. The other snipe hunter elevated by Trump this week was Michael Ellis, a former aide to Nunes and lawyer on the National Security Council who was promoted to general counsel at the National Security Agency.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: He wouldn't be Trump if he wasn't figuring some way to pocket some bucks for himself off his loss, and on Monday, he set up a website entitled "OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND," with a button screaming "CONTRIBUTE NOW!" A careful scroll through the fine print reveals that not a single dollar goes to Trump's so-called official recount defense fund until the Trump "Save America" PAC is paid $5,000, and the Republican National Committee gets $3,300. That means you would have to contribute more than $8,300 for Trump's "election defense fund" to receive any money at all. The RNC is free to use its share to aid the Republican candidates in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, for example.


Sorry for posting this but I can't stop laughing.



She looks an exhibit in Madame Tussauds.

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