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Member since: Wed Nov 26, 2003, 04:24 PM
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I have a real hard time believing that Trump learned something

from reading a book and used that knowledge in a calculated manner. I think itís far more likely that Trumpís personality leads him to instinctively make those decisions. He absolutely wallows in chaos.

This is a man who choreographed an elaborate photo op for his return to the White House

after being treated for Covid at Walter Reed. There are reports that he wanted to wear a Superman shirt under his regular shirt and walk out pretending to be feeble and frail and then rip open his shirt to show the Superman logo. He probably only dropped that idea because someone told him DC Comics would certainly sue him.

I think if the mob had caused enough damage that the election certification had to be delayed, Delusional Donny would have taken that as a win and been crowing and strutting as long as he could get away with it.

Cranks like them, baby they were born to be shunned.

Qancel Qulture!

Which reminds me, we still haven't gotten to the bottom of the Trump Tower/Spectrum Health/Alfa Bank

computer server three-way. I bet Erik Prince is in it up to his eyeballs.

Project Very TASS.

Yep. "What's the downside of humoring him?" from Nov. 2020

leads to a full-blown insurrection on Jan. 6.

Speaking about President Trumpís and his legal teamís myriad and baseless claims of massive voter fraud, an anonymous senior Republican official offered a rhetorical shrug.

ďWhat is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change,Ē the official said. ďHe went golfing this weekend. Itís not like heís plotting how to prevent Joe Biden from taking power on Jan. 20. Heís tweeting about filing some lawsuits, those lawsuits will fail, then heíll tweet some more about how the election was stolen, and then heíll leave.Ē


And we sent (literally) tons of PPE to China.

Concerns about a dwindling supply of PPE are not new. Back on February 7, the World Health Organization sounded alarm bells about "the limited stock of PPE," noting demand was 100 times higher than normal for this equipment.

Yet the same day as the WHO warning, the Trump administration announced that it was transporting to China nearly 17.8 tons (more than 35,000 pounds) of "masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials." As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted in the press release announcing this shipment, "These donations are a testament to the generosity of the American people."


If the moron in the White House had activated the Defense Production Act and gotten the manufacturer in Texas and others cranking out PPE to replace what was sent to China, it might have been OK. But he didnít, and it was disastrous.

I am I, Don Baloney, the Lord of Mar'Lago

A Name all the world hears with woe
And the wild winds of fortune will carry me onward
Oh whither so ever they blow

Whither so ever they blow
Onward to Glory I go!

I wish the editorial had pointed the finger at REPUBLICANS in Congress

instead of just saying Congress over and over. The real problem here isnít Trump. The problem is that nearly every Republican in Congress is either fully complicit, shamelessly opportunistic or scared witless. Or even some combination of the three. If most Republicans had stood up to Trump every time he tried violating norms or skirting the law, Donny wouldnít have gotten very far. He might have thrown in the towel before his term was up.
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