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I don't see where Republicans can go with Healthcare

Has Obama checkmated them? Universal HC is the only thing that might save them but we know they won't go that direction. Are they just going to ram something unpopular through and take a hit? Scream that Obamacare is doomed so they had to fuck people over? Or just keep kicking the can down the road and say they couldn't come together on anything.

Shields and Gerson on GOP health care bill conflict, Trumps wiretap tweet

So is the FBI and CIA possibly building a case right now?

I would guess it takes time to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Perhaps they have what they need but are just covering all bases?

I think Trump may have done a deal with Russia that his advisers didn't know about

Probably to line his pockets. He may have been talking to Russia directly and these calls were picked up which he is just finding out about. Sessions and others may have just been told he wanted to create better relations with Russia, get in on the oil, maybe use Russia to put pressure on China. So Trump was ordering them to call the ambassador to assure them "Hey, don't worry everything is cool." Unwittingly they were covering for Trump's secret deal. Part of that was the Wikileaks dumps.

I believe this because Sessions may only be in this a little bit and he doesn't want to get in deeper. That's why he recuse himself so easily and Trump is now so pissed off.


If they have clear evidence Trump colluded with Russia to hurt Hillary what are the chances for Jail

Or if he was making business deals with Russia for favors? This all seems pretty serious to me.

What Trump just did seems like what a person in a panic and not thinking clearly would do

He seems like a drunk dialer type only in this case a panicked, unhinged tweeter. Either he now knows they have something big on him and so he is trying to shift the focus (which will backfire in this case because now everyone is wondering what is going on) or he is just posting bullshit he heard on right wing radio thinking it is true. I think with Sessions having to recuse himself, this kind of freaked Trump out as well. He sees his safety buffer starting to crumble.

I picture him not getting much sleep last night picturing himself in jail or being impeached or running all the things he set up with Russia through his head wondering what authorities heard. His brain starts to panic and short circuit and he tries to come up with ways to "fix" the situation so he sends this nutty tweet that is either false or just blew the lid off of the fact that the FBI and CIA are putting a case together and had good reason to listen to him.

Whatever he was thinking last night it was not of a person with a sound mind.

Why did Trump and his team think they could pull this kind of stuff and get away with it?

Did Trump think he had the intelligence agencies heads on his side?

Or because he has gotten away with anything over the years he just thought his streak would continue? A bunch of group-think from a bunch of over privileged rich ass holes?

What is your best guess? What is the motive of the Russian connection? Does Trump have a business deal?

Cenk's Prediction On Trump And Russia...

Democrat accuses FBI Director James Comey of withholding Russia information from lawmakers

withholding Russia information from lawmakers

WATCHRep. Adam Schiff accuses FBI director of withholding Russia information from lawmakers
With news swirling about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' contacts with Russian officials before the 2016 election, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee today accused FBI Director James Comey of withholding information about any agency investigation into Russian tampering with the 2016 election.

"In order for us to do our investigation in a thorough and credible way, we're going to need the FBI to fully cooperate... to fully tell us the length and breadth of any counterintelligence investigations they are conducting," Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, told reporters after emerging from a classified meeting with Comey. "At this point the director was not willing to do that."

Schiff said Comey declined to answer questions about the "scope" and subjects of any counterintelligence investigation.

"He made it very clear there were certain questions that we were asking that he would answer and others that he would not," he said. "We can't do a complete job unless the director is willing to discuss anything they are investigating."

More: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/democrat-accuses-fbi-director-james-comey-withholding-russia/story?id=45870065
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