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Kirk Douglas Doesn't See Eye-To-Eye With John Wayne The Dick Cavett Show

Wow, John Wayne was fucking douchebag and Kirk Douglas extremely impressive!

Video: Young deaf girl finds out she's going to be a big sister


The People vs. Donald Trump: Every Major Lawsuit and Investigation the President Faces

This is a few months old but really delves into every lawsuit.

By GLENN FLEISHMAN Updated: December 12, 2018 5:47 PM ET | Originally published: September 21, 2018
Donald Trump faces an increasing number of lawsuits against him personally and his business, as well as the growing peril that he may be indicted on charges by federal prosecutors, which could predicate a constitutional challenge or a constitutional crisis over whether a sitting president may face criminal charges.

The president has an unprecedented number of legal entanglements compared to even the most challenged previous president. These include lawsuits brought in state and federal court by individuals, companies, and state attorneys general against him personally and in his role as president. His company, the Trump Organization, his charity, the Trump Foundation, and his three oldest children also face lawsuits and a variety of potential jeopardy.

On Dec. 12, Trump’s long-time personal attorney and “fixer,” the real-estate and taxi-medallion entrepreneur Michael Cohen, received a three-year sentence for his guilty pleas related to tax evasion, bank fraud, lying to Congress, and campaign-finance violations, as well as about $2 million in restitution to the IRS, fines, and forfeiture. Cohen had declined to become a cooperating witness for federal prosecutors, which would have required he reveal any illegal behavior beyond the charges to which he had pleaded.

Much, much, much more: http://fortune.com/2018/09/21/donald-trump-lawsuit-investigation-charges-news-update/

Gorgeous "Coho Cottage" is a 2 Bedroom Cottage Most Beautiful Small Cottage Country Ideas

Wow! This looks amazing! When I retire I would like to have a couple of tiny homes about this size. One in the NE for summer and fall and one in the SW in the winter and spring. Maybe two different styles.

Edit: I guess this isn't officially a tiny home at just over 1,000 sf.

Betting odds say Congress probably won't obtain Trump's taxes.

Odds on Congress Getting President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns
Will Congress Get President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns? Odds at MyBookie
Yes +300
No +500


If this is going to be difficult then maybe the state route should be the main focus right now?


Show and tell: New York must expose Trump's taxes

APR 05, 2019 |

Invoking his legal authority as House Ways and Means Committee chairman to examine tax returns, Rep. Richie Neal has requested that the IRS commissioner deliver Donald Trump’s 1040s for the past six years. He wants the returns by next Wednesday.

We’ll bet six times $1,040 that he’ll be empty-handed for many Wednesdays to come as Trump and his Treasury appointees refuse, blathering bunk about an ongoing audit.

But even if Neal gets the returns, he must keep them confidential, defeating the purpose of making public presidential tax returns, a norm for 50 years that Trump has breached, hiding financial conflicts and who knows what else.

The surer and faster path to get Trump’s financial details is in Albany, with a bill requiring that the state Department of Taxation and Finance “post on its website certain New York State income tax returns the department has on file for the president, the vice president, New York’s U.S. senators, governor, lieutenant governor, controller and attorney general” going back five years.

Since Trump files state income tax returns, we’ll get to see those at least, a significant boost to transparency.

More: https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-edit-show-and-tell-20190405-ne6cqav4v5dixddpzxteiei3qq-story.html

Anti-vaxxer 'warrior mom': If vaccines are so great, 'why aren't they mentioned in the bible?

BySky PalmaPosted on April 4, 2018

As someone who keeps a fairly close eye on internet quackery, this Tuesday marks the first time I’ve ever come across Brittany Kara‘s content. After watching a video mashup of her put together by a pro-vaccine Facebook page, I had to double-check to make sure what I was viewing wasn’t satire. As far as I can tell, Kara is the real deal.

According to her bio on Amazon, Kara is an author, certified master NLP practitioner (go ahead and google that), hypnotherapist, nutrition coach, and mother. The bio adds that she “specializes in teaching people how to detoxify their lives through cleansing and super foods.” She also specializes in spewing some of the most bizarre anti-vaxxer rhetoric I’ve seen yet.

In an edited video posted by The Real Truther, Kara offers a never-before-heard theory on why vaccines are bad: God didn’t give any hint of them in the bible.

“I just decided to just google what the bible says about vaccines,” Kara says at the outset of the video.

“There’s nothing in the bible that talks about vaccines.”

According to her theory, if God is all knowing, why isn’t there “any inkling of talk [in the bible] about these things called vaccinations coming into being later to save people?”

“If that was really God’s plan and they’re so amazing, then why isn’t it in there at all?”

Watch the video below:


More: http://deadstate.org/anti-vaxxer-warrior-mom-if-vaccines-are-so-great-why-arent-they-mentioned-in-the-bible?fbclid=IwAR3s-cpFr5bTkRHlmNVhCDchY8rAtKnATTdsNwon3l6rmDLlO7aWK253Q-A

Don Quixote!

Fighting windmill noise cancer since 1604!

Mueller Report: The 9 Things That Don't Make Sense About the Barr Letter

This guy doesn't normally comment on politics so he seems pretty fair.

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