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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 25,994

Journal Archives

We May Have a COVID Vaccine in 2021, But Not Without Taking Risks

Dale Hansen Unplugged: "The rule of law doesn't matter...as long as you are well-to-do and white"

So wearing a mask is considered being afraid, but carrying a gun is just protection

Why People Believe Crazy Conspiracy Theories The "Plandemic" Effect

Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters The Daily Show

Has probably been posted but it's so well done it deserves another round.

It's amazing someone was taking video when they came upon the Ahmaud Arbery murder

Does anyone know who and why someone was randomly taking video driving down the road like that? Were they friends of the two men knowing they were up to no good and trying to catch it on video? I can't find much on the video. Without it those fuckers would have been off for sure and we know this shit goes on ALL the time. People murder blacks in the south in cold murder and then say it was in self defense. There just happened to be video this time thank God.

INMATE BREAKOUT TO SAVE COP 7 Prisoners who saved guard's lives caught on camera

A Doctor Reacts To "Plandemic"

I think she is mainly trying to sell her new book. Just another crazy, dishonest grifter.

I would take what whistleblower Rick Bright says seriously: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Funny how these conspiracy nuts are going after Fauci but not his boss.

I have pointed that out in a few posts I have come across and they don't quite know how to respond. If their conspiracy BS is true about Facui then either Trump is working with Fauci making money and is corrupt as well, or Trump is an idiot for hiring and leaving Fauci in place because he hires "the best people". Most of the time they don't respond at all. Other times they even say it's possible Trump is behind the whole thing. What a crazy world we live in.
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