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Gallup, New Mexico is getting hammered by covid19

Over 1,000 known cases in a city of around 22,000 people. It's possible half the city has or has had covid19 since actual cases are generally about 10 times higher than known cases.

All roads into Gallup, New Mexico, are closing over "uninhibited" COVID-19 spread


MAY 1, 2020 / 4:25 PM / CBS NEWS

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham invoked the state's Riot Control Act on Friday to essentially lock down the city of Gallup after its mayor requested that she do so on Thursday. Under the act, all roads leading into Gallup are now closed off "to mitigate the uninhibited spread of COVID-19 in that city."

"Effective at 12 p.m., May 1, all roads into Gallup are closed. Businesses in the city of Gallup will close from 5 p.m. through 8 a.m. Vehicles may only have a maximum of two individuals. Residents of the city should remain at home except for emergency outings and those essential for health, safety and welfare," Grisham's office said in a press release.

Gallup, a city of nearly 22,000 people about 100 miles west of Albuquerque, has been particularly affected by the coronavirus. As of Friday, McKinley County, where Gallup is located, had 1,027 confirmed cases and 19 deaths, according to the New Mexico Department of Health. The county now has the highest number of cases in all of New Mexico, which has 3,411 cases in total.

More: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/gallup-new-mexico-riot-control-act-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR3Kp-7Y7aYBbc5f-b2Tm2TRJ3qnxjeX00J2_9cojIi4N_N-qLVuxMSogkQ

It could take TWO MILLION deaths across the US to reach herd immunity says political scientist at

Take a look at the chart at the bottom. That is what the protestors want to happen.


PUBLISHED: 11:08 EDT, 1 May 2020 | UPDATED: 16:35 EDT, 1 May 2020

It could take TWO MILLION deaths across the US to reach herd immunity says political scientist at Johns Hopkins

A political scientist from Johns Hopkins University has said the US will need to hit at least two million deaths before herd immunity is reached.

Dr Yascha Mounk says that after reports that as many as 25 percent with the disease don't seem to show any symptoms, it raised the prospect that the US may reach widespread immunity quickly without mass fatalities.

However, when adjusting for a low fatality rate and a high caseload, letting it spread through the US so people can build up antibodies would result in millions of deaths.

In a series of tweets and in an article for The Atlantic, Mounk and offers a grim reality saying that 'deliverance is not in sight.'

Other studies estimate lower fatality rates, such as the roughly six percent of Miami-Dade residents believed to have antibodies against the virus.

In California, tests in Santa Clara County and Los Angeles County found that the true infection rate was likely around four percent.

That's anywhere from 50 to 85 times higher than the number of cases reported in the two counties.

Mounk said although this seems like good news because it means the virus is less deadly than previously believed, it also means it would have to spread further for herd immunity to be reached.

'Based on the numbers from New York, it could take about TWO MILLION deaths across America to reach herd immunity,' he tweeted.

More: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8278009/it-TWO-MILLION-deaths-reach-herd-immunity-political-scientists-say.html

Sweden had no lockdown but its economy is expected to suffer just as badly as its European neighbors

Holly Ellyatt

Sweden has attracted global attention for not imposing a full lockdown, as seen in most of Europe, to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Nonetheless, data released from the country’s central bank and a leading Swedish think tank show that the economy will be just as badly hit as its European neighbors, if not worse.

Sweden’s central bank, the Riksbank, gave two possible scenarios for the economic outlook in 2020, which it said “depend on how long the spread of infection continues and on how long the restrictions implemented to slow it down are in place.” Both possible economic outcomes are bleak.

In the first scenario (scenario A in the chart below), gross domestic product contracts by 6.9% in 2020 before rebounding to grow 4.6% in 2021. In a more negative prediction (scenario B), GDP could contract by 9.7% and a recovery could be slower with the economy growing 1.7% in 2021.

More: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/30/coronavirus-sweden-economy-to-contract-as-severely-as-the-rest-of-europe.html

Michael Moore has lost all credibility with this latest film

I watched it yesterday and have been reading about it on a number of websites doing fact checking. He has become a joke. I know he didn't write it but he produced it and put his stamp of approval on it. It's so outdated and littered with errors it's absolutely stunning! Showing technology from 10 years ago and passing it off as though it is current technology is extremely dangerous, reckless and lazy filmmaking on an epic level. Cherry picked gotcha moments and no opportunities to give other sides. It's complete trash and I have lost any grain of respect I had for his competence and credibility.



Filmmaker Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore on bombshell climate film


Elon Musk's calls to end lockdown reflect a 'growing sentiment' in the U.S.: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Most people who get coronavirus likely have some level of immunity: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

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