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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
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Have to love John Fugelsang! Re: Hobby Lobby

Natural News founder Steve Adams should be in jail

It seems like from time to time people on DU post stuff from Natural News and fortunately it's usually called out as anti-science rather quickly. I just wanted to share this RationalWiki page that details a lot of the crap they are known for. I also learned that they are anti-Obama and promote conspiracy theories about Obama and gun control. This is something I just learned today. From what I can see the founder Steve Adams probably doesn't even believe the crap he is pushing, meaning he is killing people for profit and is totally fine with that. He is the lowest form of scum on the planet and should be in jail. He probably would be in jail if he had the guts to stay in the US instead of fleeing to Guatemala.

Here is just a taste of what Adams pushes outside of alternative medicine:

Adams has also issued his informed opinion of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shootings, declaring that they were "obviously" staged, or perhaps that the killer, James Holmes, was involved in "experimental" neuroscience that got out of hand.[77] Furthermore, he says the 2013 attacks on the Boston Marathon were a false flag operation by "private military contractors."[78]

Seeing Natural News posted on DU is the equivalent of citing someone like Glenn Beck or worse, it simply has no business on DU.


Here is something we could do everytime the Republican party askes for money

I would not use pennies but something just as heavy and worth zero instead.

War is against my Religion. Time for another lawsuite from the masses!

Man confront police about his dog being shot and killed on his own property

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