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Don't lose heart. The future has Democratic Party written all over it.

Trump won by the skin of his teeth and yes he is doing a lot of damage with the Supreme court possibly being his biggest legacy of holding things back. It can feel like one punch in the stomach after another. But there is reason for hope. Remember, generally after 8 years of one party the other party has the advantage but Trump still lost the popular vote soundly and squeaked by even with Russia and Comey paving the way for him. Yes, it's discouraging that he seems to be doing so much damage and taking us so far back in time but this is the last gasp of a white culture that is on it's way out of being a majority. Most Republicans are old and dying off and most Dems are young and will be more engaged in politics as they get older. I am a white male but I so look forward to the day that whites are no longer the majority but the minority and all the ethnicities mix together and become united and all this hateful, painful stuff can be left behind us in a heap of ashes.

That day is fast approaching as whites are predicted to be the minority by around 2040 even with Trump attempting to slow down immigration. That can't stop this as whites are having fewer kids and minorities are still have a lot of kids. Hell, even Texas is predicted to go blue in the next 10 years or so years. I live in New Mexico and we used to be a swing state but we are now solid blue! Lots of states are moving in this direction.

This is a wicked fucking storm we are in right now. A cat 5 hurricane of insanity being thrown at us by a racist who barely got in and has a 40% approval rating and ONLY has his base to cling to. Keep the boat headed for home because the storm will pass, the sun will break through and the future will be nothing but BLUE Ocean as far as we can see.

In the meantime we have to be aware that we are possibly on the precipice of something very sinister as Malcolm Nance has warned and we need to work in the next two elections harder than we ever have before. We have to rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes and inflice brutal defeats across the land and bring the dawning of the blue ocean of states upon us starting this Nov. and never look back. But the day will come 5 or 10 or 15 years from now when OUR visions and values start bearing fruit because every demographic suggests we are headed in that direction. If we can survive this storm I think we will be able to breath a sigh of relief and look forward to a future when all ethnicities start to live together in harmony and Donald Trump will be looked back upon as a blip of darkness that people can laugh about as nothing but a big fucking joke that failed to divide us.

Puerto Ricans in Florida play key role in Senate race

Puerto Ricans in Florida are poised to play a crucial role in the marquee Senate race there, as both candidates scramble to woo one of the state’s fastest-growing Hispanic groups.

Tens of thousands of people, who fled Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island in September, have resettled in Florida. That’s expected to have implications in the high-profile clash between Sen. Bill Nelson (D) and Gov. Rick Scott (R) this fall.

The influx of Puerto Ricans — who can register to vote as soon as they arrive since they’re U.S. citizens — are likely to give Democrats a boost, as they typically favor the party. President Trump is also highly unpopular among Puerto Ricans for his response to the hurricane.
But Scott has shown surprising strength among Puerto Ricans because of his engagement with their community, both on the island and in Florida, while serving as governor. A close Trump ally, he appears to have so far successfully distanced himself from the president on the issue, even as post-Maria tensions linger.



Trump Is Training His Base to Hate NATO and Like Putin

Jonathan Chait

President Trump tweeted today that America’s NATO allies have been “delinquent for many years in payments” and should “reimburse the U.S.” That is not how NATO works. It is not a protection scheme where the allies pay the United States. It is a collective defense organization in which members agree that an attack on one is an attack on all. NATO members have agreed to increase their defense spending levels, but the target date is 2024 — which is to say, they are not “delinquent” on anything.

One cannot rule out the possibility that Trump lacks the mental capacity to understand the basic form of America’s most important alliance. But it is at least as likely that Trump is choosing not to understand this, so that he can precipitate a fissure within the alliance.

Last week, Trump’s national security advisers, who have traditional Republican views toward NATO (good) and Russia (bad), and the allies both expressed their hope that Trump would use the NATO summit to declare victory. Trump has been calling for the allies to increase their defense spending, and indeed they have. The increase has been ongoing since 2014, when Russia invaded Crimea, but the allies signaled they would be happy to let Trump claim credit. “The European officials we’ve spoken to would love nothing more than for Trump to take a victory lap and claim credit for them boosting their defense spending,” reported Jonathan Swan last week.

Snip (last paragraph): Compared to a week ago, it is now harder to imagine Trump will use the summit to leverage concessions that will make him appear like a strong negotiator, and much easier to imagine that he will use it to instigate a diplomatic crisis with NATO. By the time this is over, he may well have reoriented American foreign policy completely. It may seem bizarre that one man could do this, especially given that almost nobody in Trump’s administration or the ranks of the party’s political professionals share his goal of jettisoning NATO or closely courting Russia. Yet Trump has shown the ability to lead his base wherever he wants to take it. And where the base has gone, the party has eventually followed.

More: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/07/trump-nato-summit-putin-russia-collusion.html

In Conversation: Elizabeth Warren and Robert Reich

Two of my favorite people!


WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR MOVIE REVIEW - Best documentary of the year?

Love the comments about him being Batman and how even as a superhero you live long enough to be a villain, referring to how Fox News attacked him suggesting he ruined a generation of children.

In Trump's Universe, Everyone Loves "Space Force" The Daily Show

So what are our options to try to stop Kavanaugh? Are there any viable ones?

Do Dems have any cards they can play to postpone things until after the midterms?

A view of what would happen if Kavanaugh is confirmed

VOX: Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's Supreme Court finalist, explained

President Donald Trump is set to announce his nominee for Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court Monday evening at 9 pm, and by all accounts, a frontrunner for the position is DC Circuit Court of Appeals judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh, 53, is a candidate straight out of Supreme Court central casting: He went to Yale and Yale Law (every current justice either attended that school or Harvard Law); he clerked for two federal appellate judges, including the well-known Alex Kozinski; worked in the solicitor general’s office in the George H.W. Bush administration; and then clerked for Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Since 2006, he has sat on the DC Circuit, which also produced current justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It’s not for nothing that on Sunday the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo, who has been Trump’s most important adviser on court nominations, singled Kavanaugh out as one of the two most promising contenders for Kennedy’s seat, alongside the Seventh Circuit’s Amy Coney Barrett.

His resumé is the one every ambitious college Republican hoping to be on the Supreme Court one day dreams of building. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) once called him the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics.” But his likely nomination is sparking substantial debate among movement conservatives. He has his defenders, but concern has been growing in right-wing legal circles about his decisions in religious liberty cases and on Obamacare. Even cautiously pro-Kavanaugh writers are skeptical he’s the best possible pick. “There’s a difference between a home run and a grand slam,” as National Review’s David French put it.

More: https://www.vox.com/explainers/2018/7/9/17540334/brett-kavanaugh-trump-supreme-court-anthony-kennedy
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